Aberystwyth University is a well-respected university located in Aberystwyth, Wales. Established in 1872, it boasts a long history, a renowned active student body, and a dedication to academic excellence. The university provides a wide selection of undergraduate and graduate programs in the humanities. A wide variety of undergraduate programs, including those in health and medicine, are available at Aberystwyth University in Wales.


Interested parties can look into programs like Biomedical Sciences, which examines many facets of biology and genetics related to medicine. The program on Health and Social Care tackles ethical and policy issues as well as the broader social aspects of health. Additionally, Aberystwyth offers a Clinical Psychology and Psychology with Health program, which provides insights into mental health and practical applications. The Sport and Exercise Science program explores biomechanics and physiology, linking human movement to health and well-being. Situated in the picturesque Welsh town of Aberystwyth, Aberystwyth University provides a variety of undergraduate health and medical programs to suit the interests of students with a wide range of backgrounds. The Biomedical Sciences program prepares students for careers in research, healthcare, and other fields by thoroughly exploring biology, genetics, and related fields

List of Aberystwyth University Health & Medicine Undergraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Bachelor of Biomedical Science Nutrition, Health & ExerciseNutrition, Health & Exercise Health & Medicinebachelors3 September,17525
Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences Nutrition, Health & Exercise with Integrated Year in IndustryNutrition, Health & Exercise Health & Medicinebachelors4 September,17525
Bachelor of Equine & Veterinary BioscienceEquine & Veterinary BioscienceHealth & Medicinebachelors3 September,17525
Bachelor of Equine & Veterinary Bioscience with Integrated Year in IndustryEquine & Veterinary Health & Medicinebachelors4 September,17525
Bachelor of Human Biology & HealthHuman Biology & HealthHealth & Medicinebachelors3 September,17525
Bachelor of Human Biology & Health with Integrated Year in IndustryHuman Biology & HealthHealth & Medicinebachelors4 September,17525
Bachelor of Psychology with Forensic PsychologyPsychology with Forensic PsychologyHealth & Medicinebachelors3September,17525
Bachelor of Psychology with Forensic Psychology with Integrated Year in IndustryPsychology with Forensic PsychologyHealth & Medicinebachelors4September,17525
Bachelor of Sport & Exercise ScienceSport & ExerciseHealth & Medicinebachelors3 September,17525
Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science with Integrated Year in IndustrySport & ExerciseHealth & Medicinebachelors4 September,17525
Bachelor of Nursing in AdultNursing in AdultHealth & Medicinebachelors3 September,17525
Bachelor of Nursing in Mental HealthNursing in Mental HealthHealth & Medicinebachelors3 September,17525

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