Mount Royal University

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About University

Mount Royal University (MRU) is a post-secondary government institution in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.The Arthur Sifton administration began MRU on December 16, 1910, and it was formally inaugurated on September 8, 1911.As Mount Royal Junior College (MRC), Mount Royal became a post-secondary institution in 1931 and began providing transfer courses to the University of Alberta and eventually the University of Calgary. Finally, in 2009, the provincial government gave MRU university status.

The university has been offering top-notch post-secondary education for more than 100 years. Future-focused programs are taught by knowledgeable and enthusiastic professors to address the demands of developing industries.International students receive special support from the International Student Support Center, which is part of the university’s safe and welcoming community atmosphere. Students always feel like they belong on campus because of the university’s efforts to build a feeling of community. All students have access to comprehensive academic help, career counseling, recreational opportunities, and other resources.

University ranking:

According to the Mount Royal University world ranking, it ranks 2079th globally with high academic performance. Moreover, this institute consistently holds an excellent 52nd place in the Canadian university rankings. It also comes among the top 50 percent of universities on 34 research topics. In addition, according to the Mount Royal University QS ranking, it ranks among the best universities. Furthermore, in Alberta, it ranks 4th out of the 12 universities and 2nd out of the 5 universities in Calgary. Besides that, 59% is the Mount Royal University acceptance rate.

MRU Graduate programs:

Students at MRU learn new skills, form connections, and explore the world via studies in the humanities, social sciences, business, and communications. Numerous innovative and distinctive degrees are available at the institution, including those in broadcasting, child studies, ecotourism, and aviation.In addition, the university, which is working in Calgary, Alberta, gives students a lot of chances to grow into graduates who are competent in the workforce. Also, at the moment, the institution offers 12 degrees in 32 major areas and an average class size of 29 people. Moreover, students have access to a wide range of interesting and diverse programs. Additionally, many involve practical experiences like simulations, computer and science labs, or work internships in industry.Mount Royal University scholarships are also accessible to a number of deserving students. Besides that, for further information about Mount Royal University fees, visit the site.

University courses:

Interior Design
Computer Science
Social Work
Supply Chain Management

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150C$ Visa Fee + Bio Metric 85$ = 235 C$

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700C$ - 1000C$ per month / 8400C$ - 12000C$ Per anum


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