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Poland, the ninth-biggest European nation, is becoming a more and more well-liked choice for overseas students. The Universities in the area provide high returns on investment due to their low-cost study packages and housing. In addition, the cheap cost of living rounds out the recipe for (financial) success. Besides this, every year, more than 65,000 foreign students enroll at one of Poland’s institutions. You’ll be able to socialize, learn about different cultures, and enjoy yourself at neighborhood get-togethers in abundance. Lastly, Poland is a democratic nation with a highly educated population, a high-income economy, excellent living standards, and a high quality of life.

Why Study in Poland?

There are several explanations for students’ interest in studying in Poland.

Education System
The Polish higher education system is now expanding quickly. In Europe, Poland is in fourth place (after the UK, Germany, and France) in the number of students enrolling in postsecondary education. Furthermore, about 1.5 million students attend more than 400 universities in the country. Almost half a million young people start college and university careers each year. Additionally, over 200 top-notch program options are available at Polish universities, a vital component of the European Higher Education Area. Lastly, most schools offer foreign language classes.

Famous Universities of Poland
Poland is home to several colleges that are well-known for their affordable tuition and high standards of instruction. Here’s a look at a few of the most popular colleges for overseas students

University of Warsaw
It regularly ranks as one of Poland’s best universities. The University of Warsaw provides a wide range of courses in social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and medicine. It is appealing because of its fascinating student life and historic campus.

Jagiellonian University
It is the oldest institution in Poland, having begun operations in 1364. Moreover, it is a highly famous hub for intellectual achievement. With an emphasis on research and innovation, it provides programs in the scientific sciences, humanities, social sciences, and medicine.
AGH University of Science and Technology
AGH University, another scientific and technological powerhouse, is found in Krakow. It draws students interested in these specific subjects with its engineering, geosciences, and materials science programs.

Budget Friendly Cost of Living

Fees and living expenses are pretty low; studying in Poland also comes with meager costs. In general, Poland offers lower study costs than other European nations. Given the tuition, 200–250 USD should be sufficient for lodging, meals, and travel expenditures in Poland. Moreover, a tuition fee of between $1000 and $4000 USD annually is sufficient for Polish universities. Furthermore, you can work part-time in Poland as a student. Consequently, you will be able to set aside money for trips as well.

Study in Poland scholarships

The Polish universities furthermore provide funds and scholarships to lessen the financial load on international students. In order to receive assistance with their education, students can apply for any of these financial assistance programs. According to your qualifications and academic goals, there are several scholarship opportunities in Poland to consider.

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA

NAWA manages various scholarship programs for international students, including the Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program (US students) and the Stanislaw Ulam program highly talented students from around the world.

Scholarships given by universities

International students can apply for scholarships given by several Polish colleges. The amount and requirements for eligibility of these scholarships may differ. Look for particular scholarship options on the websites of the school you want to attend.

How to Apply to Study in Poland?

When applying to polish universities, students should keep in mind these crucial steps:
1. Select the course you want and university first.
2. Visit the website of the former university to obtain the application.
3. Complete the application and look for further information, such as exam requirements and other information on admissions for students from abroad.
4. Enroll in and complete the necessary test.
5. Enclose the completed application form and any other documents, such as the academic criteria.
6. Proof of funding for your research (such as bank balance).
7. Standards for proficiency in English (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL Scores).
8. Foreign Student Health Insurance.
9. The acceptance letter will be sent to your mail by the university once it checks your application and supporting documentation.
10. After receiving the acceptance letter, you have a deadline for paying your deposit.
11. Attend that particular university on the given day.

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