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A non-governmental profit-making institution in Germany that serves students of higher education is Arden University. Since 1990, Arden University Germany has offered upper-edge programs. Another indication of our commitment to your instruction is the Quality Assurance Agency’s most current assessment of our criteria, which lauded the quality of learning opportunities provided to our students. Since the institution began in 2018, Arden University Berlin has been providing professional life academic programs to progressive students worldwide. With your future in mind, we aim to deliver high British degrees from our conveniently located Berlin location. Two-thirds of AU students who participated in a recent study acknowledged the advantages of their jobs even before graduating.

Arden University Berlin ranking

First, it’s convincing that this is a top-ranked university that consistently ranks highly in the list of best universities. It also holds the 182nd spot among the top 200 universities in Germany, which is astounding. The attractiveness of this University as a destination for students interested in higher education is also due to Arden University QS ranking. In addition, due to the 64% Arden University acceptance rate, it accepts a sizable percentage of applications from outside. As a result, you will get a degree that is valued globally. Additionally, AUB has a 3.8 rating and was at the top education business in the prestigious Education Investor Awards 2020. Also, the college has an undergraduate satisfaction rate of over 90%, with a large percentage of them giving the university high marks for expanding their career prospects.

AU offers bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees programs in various fields, including business and management, computers and IT, forensics, and database management. Also, economics, graphic design, healthcare and education, human resources management, law, advertising, psychology, and hospitality, are available here. Additionally, it grants scholarships to incoming international students who apply to specific undergraduate programs across all study centers. The Postgraduate Merit Scholarship, Regional Offering for International Online Applicants, and University’s Regional Offer – Berlin are among the scholarships available.




Criminology and Psychology

Healthcare Management

Project Management

Graphic Design

Distance Learning

Finance department


Health and Social care

Computer Science

Engineering Management


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Visa Fee

75, Euros

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Funds/ bank statement requirements

11,200 Euros (Blocked Amount)

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11,200 Euros / Year


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