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Istanbul, Turkey’s Altinbas University, is a foundational private institution. A youthful and vibrant non-profit institution, it began in 2008 by the generous Mehmet Altnbaş Education and Cultural Foundation. Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, the institution’s original name till 2017, was the institution’s founding name. More than 5000 international students attend the university, representing 89 different nations. International students make up about 40% of the student body. The university has campuses at Baclar, Bakrkoy, and Isli, all of which are in Istanbul. It was founded to become one of the top institutions in Turkey and abroad, with a faculty made up primarily of Ph.D. holders from prestigious US or European programs committed to conducting research and offering instruction on a global scale. The university gives its students a chance to develop into successful, intellectually curious, and productive people as well as global citizens who respect human rights and individual liberties, have a sense of social responsibility, and possess intercultural competence.

Altinbas University ranking

In the global 2023 ranking, this institution came in at 6158th place and received ratings in 14 research areas. Moreover, according to the Altinbas University ranking in turkey, it holds 127th place in the country. In addition, the QS ranking for 2023 places it between 801-1000 in the list. Also, it holds a position among 801-1000 in the Impact ranking for the year 2022. Furthermore, out of the 52 best institutions in Istanbul, it ranks 33rd. Besides that, 32% is the Altinbas University acceptance rate.

Altinbas University programs

The current degree offerings at Altinbas include 30 bachelor’s degree programs, 34 associate degree programs, 28 master’s degree programs, and 6 Ph.D. programs. Moreover, the institution provides undergraduate programs in eight schools, including law, pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, fine arts and design, economics and administrative sciences, engineering and architecture, and law. Also, three graduate schools—science and engineering, social sciences, and health sciences—offer six graduate programs and two doctoral degrees. In addition, the Health Services Vocational School offers nine programs, while the Vocational School primarily offers six. Besides, candidates with good academic records can apply for valuable Altinbas University scholarships. All important information regarding Altinbas University Fees is available on our website.

Altinbas University courses

Software Engineering
Computer Engineering
Civil Engineering
Business Administration
Mechanical Engineering

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1506.32₺ (turkish Lira)

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171173.07 ₺ (Average)

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300 Euro (Average)


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