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Atilim University is a renowned non-public institution in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. It is also written as Atılım Üniversitesi in Turkish and began in 1997. The university is one of the oldest non-profitable institutions, serving as a post-secondary educational platform. The majority of classes are in English. All the education programs are at international standards. The calm and natural setting of Atlm University makes it an ideal location for students to study and unwind while still receiving an adequate education. With its innovative institutions, it is one of Turkey’s leading private universities, expanding rapidly.

Atilim University ranking

Participation in international rankings based on leading ranking institutions in terms of global, regional, and subject perspective is Atilim’s primary strength. Moreover, it ranks 251-300 in EECA University Rankings for the year 2022. Also, out of 175 universities in Turkey, Atilim University’s ranking in Turkey is 68th. In addition, according to the World University Rankings 2023, it holds a position between 1001-1200th. Furthermore, the university comes at 801-1000 on the list of impact ranking 2022. Additionally, the Young University rankings for 2022 place this institution at 351-400. Besides that, 72% is the acceptance rate of this institution for admitting students.

Atilim University graduate program

It provides education of a high quality following European Standards (Bologna Process) and is recognized by world university rankings. It also offers degrees and diplomas that receive accreditation globally and come with an EU diploma supplement award. Moreover, through its remarkable collaborations with universities based on internship, exchange, and international mobility programs, the university is a well-known foundation between private universities in its region and around the world. In addition, from the perspective of a fully integrated educational and teaching environment, it has a remarkable reputation among international students for putting theories into practice. Furthermore, Atilim University scholarships are available for all national and international students. Besides that, check more information regarding Atilim University fees on the website.


Software Engineering
Computer engineering
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Civil Engineering

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Visa Fee

1506.32₺ (turkish Lira)

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Funds/ bank statement requirements

171173.07 ₺ (Average)

Living Cost

300 Euro (Average)


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