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Istanbul Aydin University, also popular as (İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi) in Turkish, is a private post-secondary institution in Istanbul, Turkey. It was expanded from its predecessor, the Anadolu BIL vocational college, which had been operational since September 26, 2003, and was established on May 18, 2007.IAU is 11 years old, young, and vibrant, and has achieved many triumphs by providing free career planning to current and graduate students to help them pursue their dream careers.The university strives to rank among the top 500 higher education institutions in the world by offering students the opportunity to take advantage of its academic offerings while respecting its uniqueness and cultural heritage.

Istanbul Aydin University ranking:

According to the IAU world ranking, the university is at position 631 among the best global universities. Also, it ranks between 1001-1200 in the Istanbul Aydin University QS ranking. In addition, it holds the 2786th rank in the list of top international universities. Moreover, it comes among the top ten best global universities in Asia by securing the 114th position. Furthermore, the institution ranks 6th in the country according to the Best Global Universities in Turkey ranking. Besides that, 62% is the Istanbul Aydin University acceptance rate.

IAU Programs:

The institution offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in eight faculties with various specializations.At the organizations that have agreements with the university, IAU offers several internships to students while they are enrolling in classes. 450 universities throughout the world collaborate with it.Istanbul Aydin helps students improve their careers and their lifetime learning. As a result, it has a Lifelong Learning Education Center that helps students improve their practical learning even after graduation through a variety of workshops and courses.

It also contains a career development center, which offers a strategy for creating a career plan, expanding student knowledge, and enhancing abilities to increase work chances.Students who want to get admission can also apply for the Istanbul Aydin University scholarships. Details regarding Istanbul Aydin University fees are available on the website.

IAU Courses:

1. Medicine
2. Architecture
3. Design
4. Computer
5. Educational Science
6. Psychology
7. Mathematics
8. Foreign Language Education

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1506.32₺ (turkish Lira)

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171173.07 ₺ (Average)

Living Cost

300 Euro (Average)


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