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Azad University of Dubai, commonly known as Islamic Azad University, UAE Branch, is a significant private research institution in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It came into effect in 1982 as one of the International campuses of the I.A.U system. It is one of the Islamic Revolution’s most important and long-lasting achievements. The institution creates a conducive environment for individuals to actively engage in the advancement of knowledge and research. 4 million students at various levels of study have graduated throughout its 33-year existence in diverse academic, pedagogical, research, and technical domains. The University’s operative body now consists of around 1.7 million students, over 30,000 academic members, and 35,000 staff people. This number of individuals work or study at over 440 university branches and institutions, including Science and Research Campuses totaling 20 million square meters.

Islamic Azad University world Ranking

The university aspires to promote knowledge and culture while also supplying the nation with specialized people resources. It ranks significantly in the top world university rankings. According to the Islamic Azad University QS World University Rankings 2023, it ranks between 201-250th in Asia. In addition, in the U.S. News & World Report Best Global Universities in the Middle East rankings 2023, it holds 115th position. Moreover, IAU Dubai is a young institution, and its rankings will likely increase in the future years as it establishes itself in the region. Additionally, the institution places a great emphasis on research and innovation. Also, it adheres to offering a high-quality education to its students. Besides that, 70-87% is the University acceptance rate.

Islamic Azad University Programs

Students at IAU-UAE can pursue higher education including architecture, law, management, and computer science. Additionally, the University provides fourteen high-quality, low-cost degree programs. Furthermore, the medium of teaching at IAU-Dubai is English. Also, in terms of enrollment, it is the world’s third-biggest university. Moreover, it is a non-profit, non-governmental Iranian higher education provider. Through activities such as student exchange, conference participation, and cooperative research projects, IAU-Dubai allows students to receive cutting-edge skills and worldwide experience. In addition, University scholarships are available for international students. Besides that, visit our website for more details about Islamic Azad University fees.

Islamic Azad University Courses

1. Architectural Engineering
2. Electrical Engineering
3. English Learning Department
4. Law
5. Computer Engineering.
6. MBA

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Visa Fee

1000 to AED 3000

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Funds/ bank statement requirements

48,000 AED - 120,000 AED Depends upon Program Fee

Living Cost

37,500-70,000 AED per-year


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