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Bath Spa University is a government institution of research centered in Bath, England. The main university campus is based in Newton Park, 5.6 kilometers west of the city center. There are two additional campuses for the institution in Bath and one at Corsham Court in Wiltshire. BSU United Kingdom, as a result of the Great Exhibition, came into existence in 1852 as the Bath School of Art (1851). Bath Teacher Training College and Bath College of Domestic Science merged to form Bath College of Higher Education in 1975. In 1983, the Bath Academy of Art joined the new organization. The college got approval to provide degrees in 1992, and Bath Spa University College became its official name in 1995. The organization changed its name to Bath Spa University in the year 2005 and became a university (August 2005).

Bath Spa University ranking

The institution’s ranking is impressive as it comes in 301–400th position among the best 500 universities in the world. In addition, the BSU UK ranking is also excellent, coming in at number eight. Also, the Bath Spa University QS ranking is 197. Furthermore, according to the Complete University Guide – University Ranking (UK) and the Guardian University Rankings the institution holds 92 and 107 positions, respectively. Another plus is the university acceptance rate of 12%.

University Programs

Pre-degree programs, undergraduate degrees, and post-graduate degrees are all available at the University in a variety of fields. We are a teaching-focused university that places a strong premium on excellent instruction. The creative community converges at the University of Bath Spa. In the areas of business, social science, education, the arts, humanities, design, music, and the creative industries we undertake research and teach. Additionally, the college offers a wide range of short courses and distance learning programs. The university has a huge community of many different races and cultures, with about 18,676 students from 130 different countries. The university hires extraordinary creative experts in order to fulfill its vision of being a top educational institution in innovation, culture, and trade. The University scholarships are accessible to both national and international students. You can also check the website for recent updates about year tuition fees of the university. BSU accommodation, gym, and library are the other great facilities of the university.

Bath Spa University Courses

  1. English Literature
  2. Marketing and Brand management
  3. Psychology
  4. MBA
  5. Creative Writing
  6. Business and Management
  7. Law

Bath Spa University campus

Locksbrook campus

Newton Park

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Extra Information

Visa Fee

371 GBP (Subject to change)

Funds/ bank statement requirements

1-year tuition fees+1-year living expense= Bank Statement. Inside London ( 12009 GBP) Outside London ( 9207 GBP)

Living Cost

£1,334 per month (for up to 9 months) in London. £1,023 per month (for up to 9 months) outside London


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