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About University

Norwich University of the Arts (NUA), a high-esteem institution, came into being in the historic city of Norwich, United Kingdom. It arose from the Norwich School of Design in 1845. It has become a leading university with a dedication to nurturing creative talent across various disciplines. NUA attains acclaim for fostering innovation and originality in art, design, media, and performance. The university’s resources allow students to acquire vital skills in print and manufacturing processes, modern digital design, and traditional craft. They empower students to push boundaries and make meaningful contributions to the world of arts, and design is a central part of NUA’s mission. The university continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future—the creative industries with a rich heritage with a dynamic approach.

Norwich University of the Arts Ranking

The University carves its niche in the creative landscape, prioritizing industry relevance and student experience over traditional ranking systems. According to the Norwich University of the Arts QS Ranking, it is currently at the 451st position. Moreover, NUA ranks comfortably within the top 100 in the Times Higher Education UK University Rankings 2024 (75th) and The Complete University Guide 2024 (56th). In addition, the university consistently secures a spot among the top institutions globally. Besides that, the Norwich University of the Arts acceptance rate is 86.8%. Whether in fine arts, media studies, or design, NUA’s consistently impressive rankings reflect its commitment to excellence.

Norwich University of Arts Programs

The institution offers a diverse array of programs catering to its students’ creative aspirations. NUA provides a stimulating environment for individuals to explore and refine their skills. In addition, the university’s programs span various disciplines, including fine art, design, media, and photography. Moreover, in the realm of fine arts, NUA sets the stage for aspiring artists to hone their skills and unleash their creativity. NUA’s graphic design courses offer a gateway to a vibrant career for students with a passion for visual communication. Besides that, in this modern world of Technology, this university provides computing and creative technologies courses that equip students with the skills to navigate the digital landscape, ensuring they stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry. Norwich University of the Arts Scholarships also offers several merit-based scholarship prizes to students with remarkable talent. You can also visit our website for Norwich University of the Arts Fees.

Norwich University of Arts Courses

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Illustration
  3. Art and Design
  4. Fashion Design
  5. Film
  6. Fine Arts Program
  7. Media Studies
  8. Computing and Creative Technologies

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Visa Fee

490, GBP (Subject to change)

Funds/ bank statement requirements

1-year tuition fees + 1-year living expense = Bank Statement ( Inside London 12009GBP) (outside London 9207)

Living Cost

£1,334 per month (for up to 9 months) in London. £1,023 per month (for up to 9 months) outside London


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