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The University of West London is a multi-campus public educational institute based in London, England. The Lady Byron School, which eventually evolved into Ealing College of Higher Education, served as the forerunner to the university and was established in 1860. Studying at UWL is all about acquiring the knowledge, skills, and insights you need to succeed in your chosen field of employment. You will learn from very seasoned professionals in the field and gain access to insider knowledge. The university has nine academic schools that are well regarded and offer a variety of subjects.

The University of West London ranking is significant because of the dedicated, knowledgeable professors and first-rate facilities. It continues to rank among the top 1500 institutions worldwide. The University of West London UK ranking is also remarkable, coming in at number 34. According to the University of West London world ranking or University of West London QS ranking, the university is ranked among the most esteemed universities with an 801st position. The University of West London acceptance rate of 4% and the employability rate of 98% make it a more desirable place to study.

Both the University of West London undergraduate courses and the University of West London postgraduate courses offer degrees in a variety of subjects. With University of West London scholarships for international students, foreign students can readily enroll in these programs. You may discover more details about the University of West London fees for overseas students on the website for University of West London international students. Some other amenities are University of West London accommodation, a University of West London gym, and a University of West London library.

University of west London courses

  1. university of west London accounting and finance
  2. university of west London digital marketing
  3. university of west London business management
  4. university of west London travel and tourism management
  5. university of west London mba
  6. university of west London nursing
  7. university of west London computer science
  8. university of west London law
  9. university of west London business analytics
  10. university of west London culinary arts

University of West London campus

University of west London Ealing

University of west London Brentford

Reading town centre

University of west London location


University of west London address

St Mary’s Rd, London W5 5RF, United Kingdom

University of west London contact number

+44 20 8231 2468

University of west London email

[email protected].

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Visa Fee

371 GBP (Subject to change)

Funds/ bank statement requirements

1-year tuition fees + 1-year living expense + OSHC = Bank Statement


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