Columbia University

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About University

Columbia University is a higher-studies private educational institute of an Ivy League research university in New York, USA. The first college in New York and the fifth-oldest in the country, CU New York is regarded as one of the most prominent universities in the world. The University in New York came into existence in 1754 as King’s College on the premises of Trinity Church in Manhattan. George II of Great Britain issued a royal charter that founded this university. The campus was relocated to Morningside Heights in 1896 and renamed Columbia University of New York.

University Ranking

With a position among the top 10 global universities at number 7, Columbia University’s ranking is exceptional. The US ranking of the university is also under ten and well regarded. The University world ranking, generally known as the Columbia University QS ranking, is in 22nd place. The 6.7% Columbia University acceptance rate allows only selective admissions at the university. CU, a founding member of the Association of American Universities, was the first institution in the US to grant the MD degree.

All information related to the University fees is available on the webpage for university international students. A range of university graduate programs can help you get a valuable degree in the USA. Also, the university’s online courses are of great value. University scholarships are helping several deserving students to complete their degrees. The University Library is the third-largest private research library in the United States, with more than 14.5 million books.

University Courses

  1. Computer science
  2. Architecture
  3. MBA
  4. Data Science
  5. Journalism
  6. Biomedical Engineering
  7. Public Health
  8. Business Analytics
  9. Occupational Therapy
  10. Kinesiology

University Campuses

ISSO Morningside


Contact Details

Extra Information

Visa Fee

160 USD

Medical appointment details


Funds/ bank statement requirements

One year fees + one year living + Health Insurance

Living Cost

1000 USD / month


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