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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT is a non-governmental higher education private research institution based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has made important contributions to the development of science and technology since its founding in 1861, ranking it among the top educational institutions in the world. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, experiential learning is highly prized. In 30 departments scattered across five schools and one college, the students learn to combine analytical rigor with curiosity, joyful innovation, and a zest for resolving the most challenging problems in service to society.

It is satisfying that the Massachusetts institute of technology ranking is among the best ten universities in the world, with 3rd position. According to the USA ranking, where the university holds the 1st spot, it is highly recognized and has a strong reputation. The institution consistently ranks 1st in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology world ranking, a different name for the QS ranking. With a 7% Massachusetts Institute of Technology acceptance rate, the institution accepts applicants who meet the prerequisites. The university has a 52% employment rate after graduating, making it one of the best in the USA.

There are numerous disciplines in which the Massachusetts institute of technology undergraduate courses are available. It offers a variety of programs with online and integrated distance learning options. The scholarship for Massachusetts Institute of Technology would make it simple for you to join these courses. To learn more about Massachusetts Institute of Technology fees, visit the website for overseas students. Other facilities include the Massachusetts institute of technology library.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology courses

  1. Massachusetts institute of technology aerospace engineering
  2. Massachusetts institute of technology data science
  3. Massachusetts institute of technology biotechnology
  4. Massachusetts institute of technology business analytics
  5. Massachusetts institute of technology quantum physics
  6. Massachusetts institute of technology computer science
  7. Massachusetts institute of technology architecture
  8. Massachusetts institute of technology engineering
  9. Massachusetts institute of technology mba

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77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA


+1 617-253-1000



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Visa Fee

160 USD

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One year fees + one year living + Health Insurance


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