Are you considering the University of Bradford for your January 2024 intake? It’s essential to stay informed about the recently updated deadlines to ensure a hassle-free journey towards your academic pursuits. To provide ample time for CAS issuance and visa processing, we have carefully designed these dates, allowing you to start your educational adventure on the right foot.


Application Deadline – October 31, 2023

The first step in your journey towards the University of Bradford’s January 2024 intake is to mark October 31, 2023, on your calendar. This is the final day for you to submit your application. Make sure to complete the application process by this date to secure your place at the university.

Deposit Deadline – December 1, 2023

Once you’ve successfully submitted your application, the next milestone is December 1, 2023. On this day, ensure that your deposit is paid. This step is crucial to confirm your intent to join the University of Bradford for the upcoming intake.

CAS Deadline – December 1, 2023

To facilitate the timely issuance of your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), the university has set the CAS deadline for December 1, 2023. To avoid any delays in obtaining your student visa, you must process your CAS in time.

By adhering to these deadlines, you can ensure a smooth transition to the University of Bradford for the January 2024 intake. Whether you are applying for undergraduate or postgraduate courses, these dates are applicable to all courses.

It’s worth noting that these updated deadlines have been carefully designed to provide you with the necessary time to complete the formalities and secure your place at the university. Meeting these deadlines is essential for a stress-free start to your academic journey.

So, if you’re eager to embark on your educational adventure at the University of Bradford in January 2024, don’t miss these important dates. Plan ahead, meet the deadlines, and ensure a seamless transition into higher education. Your future at the University of Bradford awaits.

In addition to these incredible opportunities, we also offer guidance and support for students interested in studying abroad. Our consultancy services provide comprehensive assistance to those looking to explore international education. We understand that studying abroad can be a life-changing experience, and our team is here to help you navigate the process seamlessly

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