The University of Glasgow’s Law Postgraduate Programs, where the esteemed school’s tradition of quality meets the most recent advances in legal studies. In this respected educational environment, This postgraduate program provides outstanding examples of creativity and practical knowledge, offering a unique chance for anyone looking to take their legal expertise to new heights.

University of Glasgow Health & Medicine PHD Programs

University of Glasgow Law Postgraduate Programs Human Rights Law, Property Law, and International Law LLMs are offered in the University’s advanced legal studies program. Learn about Intellectual Property, Human Rights, and International Law. Explore the diverse legal field with the postgraduate programs offered by the institute. The LLM in International Law provides a complete understanding of international legal systems. Intellectual property law covers the complex method of maintaining in-depth discoveries. Human rights law cultivates a profound respect for equity and fairness. You can take advantage of outstanding researchers and faculty. These unique programs advance your legal career by fusing academic rigor with real-world application. Become a part of a dynamic educational community influencing the next wave of lawyers. Take on exciting tasks and broaden your viewpoints at the University of Glasgow.

List of University of Glasgow Law Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of Animal Welfare Science, Ethics & LawAnimal Welfare Science, Ethics & LawLawMasters1September25980
Master of Corporate & Financial LawCorporate & Financial LawLawMasters1September24960
Master of Criminology & Criminal JusticeCriminology & Criminal JusticeLawMasters1September22140
Master of Human RightsHuman RightsLawMasters1September24960
Master of Intellectual Property & Digital CommerceIntellectual Property & Digital CommerceLawMasters1September24960
Master of International Commercial LawInternational Commercial LawLawMasters1September24960
Master of International LawInternational LawLawMasters1September24960
Master of International Law & SecurityInternational Law & SecurityLawMasters1September24960
Master of International Law Global SecurityInternational Law Global Security, Peace & DevelopmentLawMasters1September20721
Master of Law LawLawMasters1September24960
Master of Reparatory JusticeReparatory JusticeLawMasters1September22140
Master of Reparatory JusticeReparatory JusticeLawMasters1September22140

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