Aberystwyth University is a well-respected university located in Aberystwyth, Wales. Established in 1872, it boasts a long history, a renowned active student body, and a dedication to academic excellence. The university provides a wide selection of undergraduate and graduate programs in the humanities. The undergraduate legal programs offered by Aberystwyth University provide a wide variety of choices to students who wish to pursue a legal education.


The LLB Law program’s cornerstone is an in-depth examination of numerous legal specialties. Aberystwyth University’s LLB Law programs feature specializations in International Politics, Criminology, Business, and language options (French, German, Spanish, Welsh). These courses not only give students a solid legal education but also present distinctive angles on the relationship between legal studies and other academic disciplines. Students can thrive in their legal education and personal development in an enriching environment created by the university’s commitment to academic excellence and the picturesque town of Aberystwyth. The undergraduate legal programs at Aberystwyth University are notable for their dedication to providing a thorough and engaging legal education. The LLB Law degree forms the core of Aberystwyth University’s programs, offering a comprehensive grasp of legal theories and principles.

List of Aberystwyth University Law Undergraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Bachelor of Business Law Business LawLawbachelors3 September,17525
Bachelor of Criminal LawCriminal LawLawbachelors3 September,15375
Bachelor of Criminology CriminologyLawbachelors3 September,17525
Bachelor of European LawEuropean LawLawbachelors3 September,17525
Bachelor of Human RightsHuman RightsLawbachelors3 September,15375
Bachelor of LawLawLawbachelors3 September,15375
Bachelor of LawLawLawbachelors3 September,15375
Bachelor of Law & Accounting & FinanceLaw & Accounting & FinanceLawbachelors3 September,17525
Bachelor of Law & Business & ManagementLaw & Business & ManagementLawbachelors3 September,15375
Bachelor of Law & FrenchLaw & FrenchLawbachelors4 September,17525
Bachelor of Law & GermanLaw & GermanLawbachelors4 September,17525
Bachelor of Law & International RelationsLaw & International RelationsLawbachelors3 September,17525
Bachelor of Law & SpanishLaw & SpanishLawbachelors3 September,17525
Bachelor of Law & Spanish Law & SpanishLawbachelors4 September,15375
Bachelor of Senior Status LawSenior Status Law Lawbachelors2 September,15375
Bachelor of Law & CriminologyLaw & CriminologyLawbachelors3 September,17525

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