Aberystwyth University was established in 1872 and is known for its academic excellence. It is located in the beautiful Welsh town of Aberystwyth and has a long history of providing transformative education. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, focusing on fostering intellectual curiosity and innovation.
Dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art facilities create an environment at Aberystwyth University that encourages critical thinking and exploration. By joining Aberystwyth, you become part of a legacy that spans centuries, preparing you for a future filled with academic achievement and personal growth.


List of Aberystwyth University Tourism & Hospitality Master by Research Programs

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Aberystwyth University offers Master’s by Research Programs in Tourism and hospitality, providing a unique opportunity for in-depth exploration and scholarly contributions. Aberystwyth University’s research programs blend academic excellence with practical applications for a comprehensive research approach. Discover Aberystwyth University’s unique Master’s by researching sustainable tourism, destination management, and strategic hospitality leadership. You will collaborate with completed faculty and contribute to modern Research that shapes the industry’s future. The programs emphasize hands-on experiences, enabling you to immerse yourself in fieldwork, internships, and industry partnerships. With Aberystwyth University’s dedication to research innovation and academic excellence, you can elevate your expertise and contribute to the evolution of the tourism and hospitality sectors. Discover unique Master’s by Research in tourism and hospitality at Aberystwyth University. At Aberystwyth University, our Master’s by Research Courses in Tourism and Hospitality provide a unique and enriching academic experience.

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