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La Trobe College pathway programs through Navitas

La Trobe College is a shining example of Australian educational achievement between Sydney and Melbourne’s energetic metropolises. Firstly, it offers access to an enjoyable academic experience by fusing demanding coursework with practical applications through its strategic cooperation with Navitas. Through this unique partnership, students from all over the world will have access to high-quality education. It will help them on their path to fulfilling their goals of attending La Trobe University. If you are not eligible for direct admission to La Trobe University, you can enroll in a route course at La Trobe College Australia. Also, it will enable you to progress to the first or second year of your degree. Its three- to 12-month route courses are built in collaboration with the University. Besides, it will assist you in acquiring the abilities and information necessary for success in higher education and the workforce.

Benefits of Choosing La Trobe College via Navitas

Navitas has several advantages when finding your route to La Trobe College. Firstly, Navitas offers a wide range of support services to promote student achievement. Moreover, it includes academic tutoring, personal counseling, and language improvement. Students who select this path benefit from a welcoming classroom sensitive to international students’ requirements.

Smooth Transition to La Trobe University

A range of route programs from La Trobe College are available in collaboration with Navitas, which aims to set you up for success at La Trobe University. Importantly, these courses link your present level of education and the prerequisites for the bachelor’s degree you have in mind. Moreover, admission to a specific bachelor’s degree program at University is usually given upon completing a corresponding College program. Also, this removes the uncertainty of a separate application process. Particular programs may allow you to utilize the resources and facilities of La Trobe University, which might help you get familiar with university life.

La Trobe College offer Programs through Navitas

La Trobe College offers pathway program options to prepare you for success at La Trobe University:

Foundation Studies
Our Foundation Studies courses are equivalent to an Australian high school diploma. It will focus on developing the language and study skills necessary for university success to prepare students for the Australian educational system. Moreover, subject to minimal grade standards, Foundation Studies offers a gateway into our Diplomas or the first year of over thirty La Trobe Bachelor degrees.

Diploma Programs
Firstly, our diplomas are equivalent to the first year of the degree you have chosen, with stuff that closely resembles your corresponding degree. Secondly, after completing the diploma satisfactorily and fulfilling any prerequisites for course-specific advancement, you will start the second year of the bachelor’s program of your choice.
1. Bioscience
2. Business
3. Engineering
4. Health Sciences
5. Information Technology
6. Media and Communication

La Trobe University Rankings

The University regularly receives national and worldwide acclaim for its research contributions and academic excellence. The La Trobe University QS World Rankings stand at 242 in 2024. According to La Trobe University Global rankings, it ranks at #304 among the top institutions globally, within the top 45. Moreover, in the 2023 (Times Higher Education) University Ranking, La Trobe University came in at 251-300. The La Trobe University acceptance rates are 100%. There is no competitive admissions procedure for any of the courses. Lastly, The University’s commitment to innovation and excellence has secured its top spot in global university rankings.

Career Opportunities after La Trobe University

La Trobe University provides career development programs to help you connect with potential employers. However, it builds your resume and interview skills, and explores career alternatives. All things thought about, a degree from La Trobe University provides access to a variety of professional options. Furthermore, you may put yourself in the best possible position for a successful career path after graduation by taking advantage of career development services, obtaining appropriate job experience, and investigating program offers.

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29710 AUD / Year


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