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The British Columbia Institute of Technology is a reputable Canadian public polytechnic educational establishment in Burnaby, British Columbia. Its abbreviation BCIT is usually common as its name. Since its founding in 1964, BCIT continues to expand to become one of the province’s top institutions for practical learning and workforce development. The emphasis on practical and experiential learning here is one of its distinguishing characteristics. This institution takes pride in its ability to give students practical experience. It uses its extensive business connections and cooperative education initiatives. To keep its programs current and in line with market demands, it maintains close links with regional and global enterprises, organizations, and industries. The campuses of the institute have been equipped with modern amenities, such as simulation centers, labs, and classrooms that are up to date with current technologies. In addition, BCIT includes specialist facilities like its Aerospace Technology Campus and Maritime Campus, which offer practical training to students pursuing professions in the aviation and maritime sectors, respectively.

British Columbia institute of technology Ranking

BCIT has built a solid reputation both domestically and abroad as a pioneer in applied education. It constantly achieves excellent rankings for its programs. Also for teaching quality and graduate employment rates in a variety of national and international rankings. Because of their excellent work ethics, practical skills, and industry experience, BCIT alumni are highly sought after by companies. According to the British Columbia Institute of Technology QS World Ranking – it ranks 1314th in the world in 2022. In addition, US News & World Report, the British Columbia Institute of Technology ranking in Canada is 50th. Moreover, according to the Publications of 1st January 2023, it ranks #4297th globally. Besides that, it has a high acceptance rate of 89%.
In order to satisfy the needs of the labor market and give students the skills and knowledge they need BCIT offers a wide variety of programs and courses. The institute grants credentials in a number of disciplines. It includes business, engineering, health sciences, computing, trades, and applied sciences. Also, including diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, and post-graduate certifications. Additionally, the School of Business at BCIT is one of its most popular and prestigious programs. This School provides a variety of courses and programs to give students the information and abilities they require for a successful business sector career. Furthermore, various British Columbia Institute of Technology scholarships are available to apply for. Apart from that, read about BCIT fees on our website.

British Columbia Institute of Technology Courses for international students

1. Architecture
2. Building Science
3. Nursing
4. Computer Science
5. Construction Management
6. Civil Engineering
7. Cyber Security
8. Ecological Restoration
9. Medical Laboratory Science
10. Mechanical Engineering
11. MBA
12. Project Management

University Campuses

Burnaby Campus
Aerospace Technology Campus
Marine Campus
Downtown Vancouver Campus
Great Northern Way Campus
Annacis Island Campus

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Visa Fee

150C$ Visa Fee + Bio Metric 85$ = 235 C$

Funds/ bank statement requirements

10,000 C$ GIC on SDS Stream OR 4-6 Million last four months Bank Statement

Living Cost

700C$ - 1000C$ per month / 8400C$ - 12000C$ Per anum


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