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In New Brunswick, there is a university for Canadian francophones called the Université de Moncton. It has campuses in Shippagan, Moncton, and Edmundston. Following the recommendations of the royal commission on higher education in New Brunswick, the university came into existence in 1963. Since that time, the organization has gained widespread recognition as the successor to a number of Acadian colleges and universities, including the Collège Saint Joseph.

It is the largest French-speaking institution in Canada outside of Quebec. Over the years, more than 35 research institutes, centers, and chairs have been founded. Most of the students are from New Brunswick, but they also come from practically every other country in the Francophonie world. The university benefits from a variety of institutional alliances and exchange programs that promote global student mobility. Students can choose from a large number of overseas internship opportunities each year. One of the few francophone universities in Canada that allows foreign students to work and study at the master’s level is the  de Moncton Universite.

Université ranking:

Moncton scores in the top 50% across 17 research fields, placing it in the top 46 in Canada. Furthermore, according to the Université de Moncton QS ranking, the institution holds 1628th place in the world as of 2023. Three criteria are used to rate the University of Moncton: research production (4,072 articles and 77,859 citations are included in the index), non-academic reputation, and the influence of 16 noteworthy alumni. Moreover, 50-60% is the Université de Moncton acceptance rate.

Université De Moncton programmes:

The University of Moncton provides 176 study options, including 40 master’s degree programs and 7 doctoral degrees. Administration, the arts, education, engineering, forestry, law, nursing, nutrition, psychology, science, and social work are among the subject areas that can be studied. With training and research programs in management, the arts, social sciences, law, engineering, the natural sciences, health, social work, and education, the university aspires to be a comprehensive institution. As of December 1, 2021, the institution had 4,655 full-time students and 515 part-time students enrolled; of the total, 65.5% were from New Brunswick and 27.4% were from other countries. The Université De Moncton scholarships program also offers scholarships to students worldwide. For further details regarding Universite De Moncton tuition fees, visit the website.


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150C$ Visa Fee + Bio Metric 85$ = 235 C$

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10,000 C$ GIC on SDS Stream OR 4-6 Million last four months Bank Statement

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700C$ - 1000C$ per month / 8400C$ - 12000C$ Per anum


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