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Top 8 Countries to Study, Work and Settle

Top 8 Countries to Study, Work and Settle

Top 8 Countries for Study, Work and Settle

Choosing the right destination is a difficult task for international students. Students always get confused to choose which country is the best fit for their future & what are the immigration chance after completion of studies. Here are the top 8 countries for study, work, and residency.

List of Contents

  1. Study after Gap
  2. Post-study work visa
  3. Spouse visa chances
  4. Immigration chances

Australia and New Zealand

Australia & New Zealand Gap Acceptance

At the bachelor level, the gap after college or A-level is generally not appreciated in Australia and New Zealand. Most universities accept the gap which is less than a one-year with a strong reason Some university accepts less than 2-year gap with evidence of gap. For instance: Monash, UTS, Tasmania.

For masters, however, or gap after 16-year education, the gap is not an issue and students can show his/her work.

Post Study Work (PSW ) and Immigration

A post-study work visa or (PSWV) is a type of visa in which international students are allowed to stay in the country for a limited period of time. It depends upon the country and the city of that country where a student is completing a degree.

In Australia and in New Zealand the PSW depends upon the city of completion of studies. For example, if a bachelor’s or master’s degree is completed in major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane post-study work visa to find a job will be of 2 years.

However, for the regional cities like Perth and Adelaide, Geelong, Wollongong the PSW is 3 years. For more regional or less populated cities visas will be of 4 years. During these visa years, students find jobs and increase points for immigration to settle permanently.

For all research-based master 3-year work permits and for Ph.D. will get 4-year PSW. Normally one-year experience gives 5 points. And a minimum of 65 points is required for immigration but for some occupations like accounting, the point requirement can be higher: 80 to 85.

New Zealand now introduced a 3-year work visa after a bachelor’s or master’s degree or Postgraduates.

Spouse Visa Chances

The embassy sees the spouse application critically, Thus it depending upon who is the main applicant of the visa? If a male is the main applicant, there is a bright chance of a visa.

If the female is the main applicant, it is recommended to apply for the main applicant visa first and after that spouse can apply for her visa. Extra cash in the bank must be declared in the form of a bank statement of a spouse is required which is around 35% of additional living expenses like some 7000 Australian dollars.

Study Australia


Canada Gap Acceptance:

After A levels or intermediate, a maximum of two years of the gap is acceptable, with suitable justification. Like Australia, the gap can be a problem before graduation but in the new SDS (student direct scheme) policy gap can be relaxed if a strong reason is presented.

PSW & Immigration Chances After Study

The only country where even after a diploma students can get post-study work. Canada PSW policy depends upon the duration of the course: From 8 months to 23-month study course duration, students will get equal months post-study work permit. With 24 months or above study duration program students will get a 3-year post-study work permit.

By the experience of one-year maximum or 6 months in a province like Manitoba or even 3 months in New Brunswick, students can qualify for immigration. Now in the new graduate stream after a master’s degree students can even apply without experience for immigration, especially in Ontario and British Columbia province.

Express Entry – Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program is the quickest way (processing time – 6 months) to get immigrate to Canada. It is a point-based system in which you get extra points for studying and working in Canada.

After graduation, one year of work experience in Canada also makes you eligible for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) immigration program.

Thirdly Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP): Provinces sponsor people who have relevant skills in different occupations or students who have graduated from universities in their provinces. Regions like Ontario, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Atlantic provinces group amongst others offer PNP programs

Spouse Visa Chances

As per Law is allowed but visa chances can be reduced so if someone wants to try, you may do it after 1st semester of the main applicant.

After degree completion on PSW, Students can call their spouse to Canada on an open work permit, which means that their spouse will have full working rights and can do any job of their choice. Spouse application takes a few months to process.

United State of America

USA GAP Acceptance

Gap for a few years if it can be justified with valid reasons then it is ok. Reasons can be that student was studying in university, applying in top universities at hometown, gained some internship or family business experiences. Even B. Com students can secure visas again for a bachelor with good interview preparation.

Immigration Chances after study

For students completing STEM programs (Science, Technology Engineering, Mathematics), the USA offers one year PSW which is called OPT which can be extended for 2 more years. Students will get 3 years of job search visa.

Other programs like business, arts, and management programs, students will get a one-year post-study work visa. However, Business Analytics is a business degree and a STEM degree

After graduation, employment in a reputable company can sponsor you further for a Green Card (EB-1 visa), which will convert into a passport after 5 years.


Gap After Studies

Germany offers high-quality education, the gap in the studies after college or A-Levels can create difficulty.

Immigration Policy After Studies

For any degree program, an 18-month job search visa is granted, in which u need to get a job offer of 3000 euro per month for some science, technology, engineering-type program OR 4000 Euro per month. And when you will complete an 18-months visa on this salary level plus B1 German language level then will get permanent residence. If had same salary level but not B1 level as German then have to stay on this salary level for 3 years.

Spouse Visa Chances

Legally, students can take their spouses with them, but it depends upon the embassy interview. If the interview is successful then the spouse can get the visa. a be justified with reasons is acceptable. Reasons can be was studying at hometown university, gained some internship or family business experiences

7 to 8 years on a PR visa, gives you the right to apply for and acquire a German passport.

Spouse Visa Chances

For Germany, both partners can apply as students separately though it’s possible otherwise they won’t allow Spouse.

Holland / Netherlands

Holland Gap Acceptance

For Holland, if get admission in a few years gap, the student can get a visa too because the university arranges the visa. Normally 3,4,5 – year gap after inter-student were getting visas. Now visa process is of 3 months.

Post Study Work Visa (PSW)

For Holland, you will get one-year post-study work and after that, if you get some 2000 euro per month job you can extend your visa to get immigration by living around 5 years.

If a student has got master’s degree from any university ranked in the top 150 universities in the world (by QS and Shanghai ranking), he can get a one-year job search visa to settle in Holland. Like from the UK top-ranked universities: Durham, Queen Marry, New Castle, King’s College London, imperial college.

5 years of PR visa, enables you to acquire citizenship and a passport.

Spouse Visa Chances

Holland does not allow spouse visas on the studies.

United Kingdom and Ireland

UK / Ireland Gap Acceptance

Like Australia, the student may get a visa if satisfies the visa officer. Normally up to a 3year gap after Intermediate A-level can be acceptable.

Post-study Work Visa in the UK

The UK has announced all students who will complete their bachelor’s or master’s degree will get 2 years post-study work visa. And after that students can get immigration on point base systems like Australia or Canada but the new government has not yet revealed its point system.

In Ireland, there is already a 2-year work visa on even completion of a one-year master’s degree or bachelor’s.

Spouse Visa Chances

In UK dependent can go if the main applicant is applying for a master’s degree program. Extra living expenses are required to be shown in the account. Spouse Living inside London: 7605 GBP per year and outside London: 6120 GBP per year. For Bachelor’s degree, students can’t take partners along.

In Ireland, not allowed to take the spouse (Dependent).

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