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The University Of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) is a government higher education institution in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. In the province, it is the only university. The University Act, R.S.P.E.I. 2000, is the enabling law for this institution, which began in 1969.The university provides students with a learning environment that will enable them to fulfill their potential as future leaders on Prince Edward Island, throughout Canada, and around the globe.

It is in the lovely and historic city of Charlottetown, which is the ideal choice for international students. It offers a wide variety of academic programs and a close-knit community. UPEI has a reputation for quality, thanks to its small class sizes and devoted professors who create an environment that encourages students to not only succeed but to develop. The university also features a safe and pedestrian-friendly campus.

UPEI Ranking:                                

According to the University of Prince Edward Island’s QS ranking, it comes among the best universities list and ranks 1339 globally. Moreover, among all Canadian universities, the UPEI ranks eighth in Maclean’s magazine. In addition, according to US News Rankings, the university’s plant and animal sciences department holds the 468th position. Furthermore, on the list of the top 50 research universities in Canada, this university ranks at number 43. Additionally, the university comes in at number 42 in Canada, per URAP. It provides the finest standards in higher education and ranks 46 according to the UPEI Canada ranking. Besides that, 70% is the University of Prince Edward Island’s acceptance rate.

University of Prince Edward Island Programs:

Students get information and real-world experience through opportunities for experiential learning that will benefit them in their professional pursuits. The faculties of Arts, Business, Education, Nursing, Science, Sustainable Design Engineering, and Veterinary Medicine offer a variety of undergraduate programs, while the faculty of Graduate Studies offers outstanding graduate programs across all faculties. 31.9% of the student body is made up of visitors from 96 different nations.UPEI has seen enormous development in both student enrollment and program diversity over the course of its 200-year history.It tries to fulfill the changing requirements of our society—from a local to a global perspective. UPEI is growing the programs it provides and the infrastructure that goes along with them. The university is now creating a new faculty of medicine that will collaborate with the Memorial University of Newfoundland to offer a joint doctor of medicine degree. The University of Prince Edward Island scholarships are also available. Get information about the University of Prince Edward Island fees from our website.




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150C$ Visa Fee + Bio Metric 85$ = 235 C$

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10,000 C$ GIC on SDS Stream OR 4-6 Million last four months Bank Statement

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700C$ - 1000C$ per month / 8400C$ - 12000C$ Per anum


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