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Embarking on an academic journey in a foreign country is an exciting and life-changing experience. Belgium has grown in popularity as a destination for overseas students looking for a top-notch education because of its world-class educational institutions and rich cultural legacy. In this post, we will examine all aspects of studying in Belgium, offering insightful information to people considering taking advantage of this remarkable educational opportunity.

Why Choose Belgium?

Top universities in Belgium
Belgium is an alluring option for students from around the world with its world of academic brilliance and cultural immersion. Firstly, Belgium, known as the “heart of Europe,” has a multicultural and multilingual population. Beyond their diversity in languages, Belgian universities are known for their prestigious programs; in several fields, they consistently rank among the best in the world. Find a program that interests you, from modern technology at KU Leuven to famous art and design institutions like Antwerp Academy. Additionally, Belgium’s central location makes it simple to visit other European nations, expanding your horizons and enhancing your cultural experience.

Cost of living in Belgium

Studying in Belgium provides an alluring combination of excellent education and affordability. The cost of living varies according to your location of residence and lifestyle preferences, but you should budget between €700 and €1,370 each month. This estimate covers necessary costs such as lodging, food, travel, and health insurance. Belgium has a comparatively lower cost of living than other Western European nations.
Work opportunities for students after graduation in Belgium
International students can explore fascinating career prospects after graduating from a Belgian institution, subject to specific prerequisites. Furthermore, nine months after graduation, as a graduate with a valid residence visa that mentions “looking for work,” you are free to look for work in Belgium actively. You may use this time to demonstrate your abilities and credentials to prospective employers. Besides this, you are free to work in any industry and for any firm in Belgium during this period, providing you a lot of freedom in your job hunt.

Scholarships option in Belgium for international students

Belgium offers diverse scholarship options to support international students pursuing their academic aspirations. Below is a summary of some essential directions to pursue:
1. Government scholarships
The Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training provide a range of scholarships to international students from particular nations, especially underdeveloped ones. Usually, these scholarships pay for living expenses, health insurance, and tuition. Lastly, both scholarships are provided by the Belgian government.
2. University specific scholarships
Most Belgian institutions provide financial assistance and scholarship programs for overseas students. These may be chosen according to necessity, merit, or program. Moreover, for comprehensive information and application methods, you must visit the websites of your prospective colleges and peruse their scholarship sections.

Study in Belgium visa requirements

However getting a visa is a must for beginning your academic career in Belgium, but fear not! This information will break down the procedure into simple steps:
1. Check your eligibility
2. Gathered required documents
a) Visa application form
b) Valid passport
c) Two passport sized photos
d) Proof of admission
e) Proof of financial means
f) Medical certificate
g) Proof of accommodation
h) Health insurance
i) Travel insurance (optional)
3. Submit your application
4. Visa processing and interview
5. Visa issuance and arrival

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