How to Apply Student Visa For Belgium

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A student visa is required to enter Belgium and attend classes for your study program. You should apply for a student visa and be approved. To apply, you must have the following documents

Study in Belgium
  1. Filled and signed student visa application form.
  2. A valid passport.
  3. Mark sheets and degrees of all the previous education. 
  4. Provide proof of financial stability for your studies and residence in Belgium.
  5. A medical certificate proving that you don’t have any diseases that may risk public health.
  6. An official certificate of good conduct from the police.
  7. Proof of acceptance at a recognized university in Belgium.
  8. For admission a proof of Language proficiency test scores.

How can I offer financial documentation for a Belgian student visa?

This can take the form of an

  1. Education loan sanctioned document.
  2. Provide proof of grant or scholarship award.
  3. Your bank statement proves sufficient funds.
  4. A financial responsibility agreement from your sponsor.

Study and work in Belgium

If students from non-EEA countries want to work in Belgium, they must first obtain a work permit.

  1. They are pursuing a full-time course in a recognized university of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels.
  2. They have a valid residence permit.

International students have the option to work up to 20 hours per week during term time, as long as it does not interfere with their studies. You must get a documented “student employment contract” for the fixed term from your employer, as well as a type C work visa. In Belgium, you can work without a work permit on official university holidays.

Block Account / Funds Requirements

Begins in September, Duration Blocked account: 13 months, starting from September 1 to September 30.
Blocked account for 13 x 1000 EUR = 13.000 EUR
Total to be transferred: 13.000 + 100 (handling fee) = 13.100 EUR


February and September

Deadlines to apply

1 March to 1 May for Sep intake

1 Sep for Feb intake

Application Fee

Application fee between 50 euro to 100 euro.


80 Euro

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