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The University of Glasgow, often known as Glas or OilthighGhlaschu in Scottish Gaelic, is a renowned non-private, highly intensive research university running in Glasgow, Scotland. It came into existence in 1451 with a papal bull. It is also one of Scotland’s four holiest institutions and the fourth-oldest university in Europe.

The institute and institutions at Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and St. Andrews took part in the 18th-century Scottish Enlightenment. Glasgow was a pre-modern college that first catered to the demands of wealthy students. However, it set itself apart in the 19th century by catering to the requirements of graduates from the burgeoning urban and commercial middle class.

University of Glasgow ranking:

The University of Glasgow World Ranking shows a significant impact. Also, it is one of the top 100 universities in the world. In comparison, the performance of the University of Glasgow UK ranking, which now comes fifteenth, is admirable. In addition, it is also among Wales’ top universities. Moreover, the University also ranks 81 by QS. Additionally, it is a research platform that deserves excellent praise with a 4.3-star rating. Besides that, the UOG ranking for each topic is 66, and the graduate employability ranking is 131.

A total of more than 140 different countries are present among the almost 28,000 undergraduate and graduate students who enroll at the University each year, with a 74% University of Glasgow acceptance rate.

University Programs:

It has 600 programs available and spends more than GBP 179 million annually on research. Glasgow is one of the top 100 universities worldwide and provides some of the most varied degrees in the UK. The university is also well-known for its cutting-edge research and has impacted thinkers like Adam Smith, the father of economics, and Lord Kelvin, a famous physicist. A member of the prestigious Russell Group, a grouping of elite institutions with a strong emphasis on research in the UK, as well. The university’s international student service team also watches out for its students. They assist them with orientation events, academic queries, adjusting to life in the UK, and tuition payments. Additionally, students can receive support from the Careers Service throughout their studies, including from a unique hub that offers more than 350 internships each year. The webpage has the latest information on the University of Glasgow fees for out-of-country students. The University of Glasgow scholarships also offer graduates from around the world competency-based financial aid.

University of Glasgow courses:

  1. Psychology
  2. Medicine
  3. Law
  4. University of Glasgow MBA
  5. Dentistry
  6. Nursing
  7. History
  8. Data Science
  9. Mechanical Engineering
  10. Economics
  11. Civil Engineering
  12. Biomedical Science
  13. Biomedical Engineering


  • Gilmorehill campus
  • Garscube campus
  • Dumfries campus

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Extra Information

Visa Fee

371 GBP (Subject to change)

Funds/ bank statement requirements

1-year tuition fees+1-year living expense= Bank Statement. Inside London ( 12009 GBP) Outside London ( 9207 GBP)

Living Cost

£1,334 per month (for up to 9 months) in London. £1,023 per month (for up to 9 months) outside London


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