University of Glasgow Business & Management Postgraduate Programs

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Glasgow University is also well-known for its illustrious past, outstanding faculty, and active research community. It resides in Glasgow, Scotland. Moreover, the institution welcomes students from all over the world who are passionate about studying and developing their understanding. Additionally, the University of Glasgow is a significant research university that conducts breakthrough research in a variety of fields.

List of University of Glasgow Business & Management Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of Business AdministrationBusiness AdministrationBusiness & ManagementMasters1September35000
Master of City Planning & Real Estate Development City Planning & Real Estate Development Business & ManagementMasters1September23520
Master of Corporate Governance & AccountabilityCorporate Governance & AccountabilityBusiness & ManagementMasters1September25980
Master of Creative Industries & Cultural PolicyCreative Industries & Cultural PolicyBusiness & ManagementMasters1September23520
Master of Economics Banking FinanceEconomics Banking FinanceBusiness & ManagementMasters1September29370
Master of Economics, International Banking & FinanceEconomics, International Banking & FinanceBusiness & ManagementMasters1September29370
Master of Finance & ManagementFinance & ManagementBusiness & ManagementMasters1September29370
Master of Finance Economic DevelopmentFinance Economic DevelopmentBusiness & ManagementMasters1September23520
Master of Financial Economics Financial Economics Business & ManagementMasters1September29370
Master of Financial Modelling & InvestmentFinancial Modelling & InvestmentBusiness & ManagementMasters1September32850
Master of Financial Risk ManagementFinancial Risk ManagementBusiness & ManagementMasters1September32850
Master of Financial TechnologyFinancial TechnologyBusiness & ManagementMasters1September32850
Master of Global BusinessGlobal BusinessBusiness & ManagementMasters1.5September29370
Master of Global Markets Local CreativitiesGlobal Markets Local CreativitiesBusiness & ManagementMasters2September20721
Master of Information Management & PreservationInformation Management & PreservationBusiness & ManagementMasters1September23520
Master of International Accounting & Financial ManagementInternational Accounting & Financial ManagementBusiness & ManagementMasters1September32850
Master of International Banking & FinanceInternational Banking & FinanceBusiness & ManagementMasters1September29370
Master of International BusinessInternational BusinessBusiness & ManagementMasters1September27930
Master of International Corporate Finance & BankingInternational Corporate Finance & BankingBusiness & ManagementMasters1September27930
Master of International FinanceInternational FinanceBusiness & ManagementMasters1September32850
Master of International Financial AnalysisInternational Financial AnalysisBusiness & ManagementMasters1September29370
Master of International Human Resource Management & DevelopmentInternational Human Resource Management & DevelopmentBusiness & ManagementMasters1September27930
Master of International Management & Design InnovationInternational Management & Design InnovationBusiness & ManagementMasters1September27930
Master of International Strategic MarketingInternational Strategic MarketingBusiness & ManagementMasters1September27930
Master of Investment Banking & FinanceInvestment Banking & FinanceBusiness & ManagementMasters1September32850
Master of ManagementManagementBusiness & ManagementMasters1September32850
Master of Management & Sustainable TourismManagement & Sustainable TourismTourism & HospitalityMasters1September25980
Master of Management with Enterprise & Business GrowthManagement with Enterprise & Business GrowthBusiness & ManagementMasters1September32850
Master of Management with Human ResourcesManagement with Human ResourcesBusiness & ManagementMasters1September32850
Master of Management with International FinanceManagement with International FinanceBusiness & ManagementMasters1September32850
Master of Media ManagementMedia ManagementBusiness & ManagementMasters1September25980
Master of Public Policy ManagementPublic Policy ManagementBusiness & ManagementMasters1September24960
Master of Quantitative FinanceQuantitative FinanceBusiness & ManagementMasters1September29370
Master of Real EstateReal EstateBusiness & ManagementMasters1September23520
Master of Sustainable Tourism & Global ChallengesSustainable Tourism & Global ChallengesTourism & HospitalityMasters1September22140
Master of Tourism Development CultureTourism Development CultureTourism & HospitalityMasters2September15680

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