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About University

A non-governmental private research institution in the Stanford, California region has a higher educational institution called Stanford University. Nearly 17,000 graduates are a part of the Stanford University campus, which makes it one of the biggest educational institutions in the country at 8,180 acres (3,310 hectares). Mr. and Mrs. Stanford started running Stanford University California in 1885. There are seven faculties around the same campus. It includes four top colleges concentrating on graduate programs in law, health, teaching, and business, as well as three schools with 40 academic departments for undergraduate students. In addition, the existing heads of MIT University and Yale University, the chancellors of Princeton University and Harvard University, and several business entrepreneurs are Stanford University, Notable alumni.

Along with the world’s top universities with outstanding performance, Stanford University Ranking is 4th. It ranks third in the USA and Stanford University World Ranking, which is also quite good. However, because of the University’s acceptance rate, only 5.2% of applicants get accepted. Nevertheless, it is a prevalent location to study because most of the research conducted here is extraordinary or world-leading globally. Visit the page to learn the most recent information on Stanford university fees for undergraduates, postgraduates, and research students.

Various graduate programs at the University are available to give you the technical information you need to succeed in your chosen field. Experiential learning is extensively emphasized in every master’s program at the University to improve students’ employment prospects. Additionally, it is well-known for its Publications and periodicals. Furthermore, all degrees are eligible for performance-based and global scholarships accessible to all students worldwide. Accommodations, a gymnasium, and office services are additional conveniences.

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Visa Fee

160 USD, Sevis Fees 350 USD

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Funds/ bank statement requirements

One year fees + one year living + Health Insurance

Living Cost

10,000 USD


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