Are you hoping to pursue a degree in the UK? If so, CEG Scholarships can assist you in realising your aspiration. In order to assist international students in their pursuit of higher education at prestigious UK universities, CEG offers a variety of scholarships.

A closer look at a few of the available CEG Scholarships is provided below:

  • Reading: £5000
  • Aston: £3500
  • Southampton: £5000
  • Loughborough: £5000
  • Oncampus London: £5000
  • LSBU: £2000
  • Hull: £3500
  • Sunderland: £2000
  • UCLAN: £3500

CEG Centres additionally provide the International College at Aston, Hull, Sunderland, and LSBU in addition to these scholarships. Through IFP and Year 1 programmes, these programmes give international students a solid foundation.

Who is eligible for CEG Scholarships?

International students who fulfil the following requirements are eligible to apply for CEG Scholarships:

They have gained admission to a full-time undergraduate or graduate program at a UK university affiliated with CEG.

In their prior studies, they secured a minimum academic score of 65%.
They can provide proof of their need for money.

How to apply for CEG Scholarships

To be considered for a CEG Scholarship, you must complete the online application form and also submit the following supporting documentation.

  • A copy of your academic transcript
  • a copy of your acceptance letter from an institution that is a CEG partner
  • a statement of purpose outlining your financial situation and why you should be awarded the scholarship
  • Any query? Send us now.

The advantages of studying in the UK

One of the most popular places in the world for overseas students to study is the UK. Studying in the UK has a lot of advantages, including:

High-quality education: UK universities are renowned for their academic excellence.
Numerous programme options are available at UK institutions, allowing you to select the ideal option for your interests and professional aspirations.
Student body diversity: Students from all over the world attend universities in the UK, fostering a dynamic and multicultural academic environment.
Great employment prospects: Employers worldwide are eager to hire recent graduates from the United Kingdom.

How to make the most of your CEG Scholarship

If you are awarded a CEG Scholarship, there are a few things you can do to make the most of it:

  • Be a good student: Focus on your studies and make sure to maintain a good GPA.
  • Participate in extracurricular activities: These are excellent opportunities to network, grow as a person, and improve your resume.
  • Benefit from student support services: Financial aid, career counselling, academic advice, and other services are all provided by UK universities.
  • Have fun when visiting the UK: Students have a lot to learn and explore in this stunning nation. Make sure to make the most of your visit and see everything that it has to offer.


International students have a great chance to continue their education at prestigious UK universities with the help of CEG Scholarships. I encourage you to submit an application for a CEG Scholarship if you have aspirations of studying in the UK.

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