City University of London Arts & Humanities Postgraduate Programs, a global leader, is in London, UK. Established, it’s renowned for academic advantage and innovation. Established in 1894, it has a rich history of providing high-quality education and growing academic advantage. City earns recognition for its strong commitment to research, professional education, and industry engagement.


The City University of London boasts an impressive array of graduate-level courses in the arts and humanities. Potential students may find these academic programs useful as they cater to a diverse range of interests. The University tailors its offerings to provide a comprehensive and enriching learning experience, whether you want to delve deeper into literature, history, or the fine arts, as of my most recent update in January 2023. Furthermore, the University continues to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to academic excellence and innovation in the arts and humanities. At the core of these programs is a strong emphasis on critical thinking, research skills development, and a nuanced understanding of artistic and cultural contexts, focusing on equipping students with the tools necessary to excel in their chosen fields. The University’s faculty comprises seasoned academics and professionals passionate about their areas of expertise.

List of City University of London Arts & Humanities Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of Broadcast JournalismBroadcast JournalismArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,22733
Master of Creative WritingCreative WritingArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,19378
Master of Creative Writing & PublishingCreative Writing & PublishingArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,18186
Master of Fine Creative WritingCreative WritingArts & Humanitiesmasters2September,19378
Master of EnglishEnglishArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,17563
Master of Global Creative IndustriesGlobal Creative IndustriesArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,19961
Master of Magazine JournalismMagazine JournalismArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,22733
Master of Media & CommunicationsMedia & CommunicationArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,21650
Master of Music By ResearchMusic By ResearchArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,13818
Master of Newspaper JournalismNewspaper JournalismArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,22733
Master of Speech, Language & Communication in Advanced Studies Speech, Language & CommunicationArts & Humanitiesmasters1January,September,14750
Master of Television JournalismTelevision JournalismArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,22733
Master of Creative WritingCreative WritingArts & Humanitiesmasters2September,19375
Master of Data JournalismData JournalismArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,22733
Master of Digital and Social JournalismDigital and Social JournalismArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,22733
Master of Space Mission Analysis and Design Space Mission Analysis and DesignArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,19380

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