The Coventry University Health & Medicine postgraduate programs department has a rich and long history, founded in 1843. These Institute is located in the vibrant city of Coventry, United Kingdom. The postgraduate Health and Medicine programs are a prime example of the university’s dedication to improving knowledge, skills, and creativity in the quickly changing healthcare field. These programs include a wide range of advanced studies specifically designed for healthcare professionals and individuals seeking to specialize in various medical professions.

Coventry University

The postgraduate programs at Coventry University work to form the futures of researchers, leaders, and healthcare workers by offering a thorough and modern educational experience. The Master of Science programs in Clinical Psychology, Public Health, and Healthcare Leadership are famous for their dedication to addressing the healthcare sector’s complex issues. Students completing an MSc in Public Health are prepared to address global public health concerns with the information and abilities they acquire. This program, which has an increased focus on public health, improving health, and preventative measures, develops a thorough awareness of the variables controlling community health and well-being.

List of Coventry University Health & Medicine Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of Advanced Physiotherapy PracticeAdvanced Physiotherapy PracticeHealth & Medicinemasters1September,18600
Master of Biomedical ScienceBiomedical ScienceHealth & Medicinemasters1May,September,18600
Master of Biomedical Science with Professional ExperienceBiomedical ScienceHealth & Medicinemasters2May,September,21250
Master of Global Health Care ManagementGlobal Health Care ManagementHealth & Medicinemasters1January,May,September,18600
Master of Global Health Care Management with Professional ExperienceGlobal Health Care Management Health & Medicinemasters2January,May,September,18600
Master of Global Healthcare Management & LeadershipGlobal Healthcare Management & LeadershipHealth & Medicinemasters1January,September,22550
Master of Global Healthcare Management & LeadershipGlobal Healthcare Management & LeadershipHealth & Medicinemasters1January,September,22550
Master of Health PsychologyHealth PsychologyHealth & Medicinemasters1September,18600
Master of Business Administration in Health SectorBusiness Administration in Health SectorHealth & Medicinemasters1January,May,September,20350
Master of Musculoskeletal PhysiotherapyMusculoskeletal PhysiotherapyHealth & Medicinemasters1September,18600
Master of NursingNursing Health & Medicinemasters1January,May,September,18600
Master of Pharmacology & Drug DiscoveryPharmacology & Drug DiscoveryHealth & Medicinemasters1May,September,18600
Master of Pharmacology & Drug Discovery with Placement YearPharmacology & Drug DiscoveryHealth & Medicinemasters2May,September,21250
Master of Public Health NutritionPublic Health NutritionHealth & Medicinemasters1January,September,18600
Master of Sports & Exercise NutritionSports & Exercise NutritionHealth & Medicinemasters1September,18600
Master of Occupational Therapy (Pre-registration)Occupational TherapyHealth & Medicinemasters2January,18600
Master of Physiotherapy & Leadership (Pre-registration) Physiotherapy & Leadership Health & Medicinemasters2January,18600
Master of Strength & ConditioningStrength & ConditioningHealth & Medicinemasters1September,18600
Master of Dietetics & LeadershipDietetics & LeadershipHealth & Medicinemasters2January,18600

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