Turkey, strategically located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, has rapidly emerged as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. This unique geographical position has made it an attractive destination for students from across the globe, drawn by its rich cultural diversity. Moreover, Turkey boasts breathtaking landscapes and a treasure trove of historical sites that make it a compelling choice for those seeking both education and adventure.

One of the standout features of education in Turkey is its affordability. Whether in the public or private sector, Turkish universities offer quality education that doesn’t break the bank. Aspiring students are presented with a plethora of educational fields to choose from, complete with state-of-the-art laboratories that allow for hands-on skill development and preparation for the real world.

Turkish Universities: A Beacon of Excellence

Turkey’s universities have garnered international recognition for their commitment to top-quality education and cutting-edge research. Below is a list of universities in Turkey that extend scholarships to Pakistani students:

  1. Mimar Sinan University.
  2. Mugla University.
  3. Mustafa Kemal University.
  4. Near East University (Cyprus).
  5. Nigde University.
  6. Okan University.
  7. Anasayfa Dicle (Tigris) University.
  8. Dogus University.

Scholarships for Pakistani Students in Turkey: A Diplomatic Gesture

The strong diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Turkey have significantly influenced various sectors, notably education. The Turkish government offers a range of fully funded scholarships to Pakistani students in both public and private universities. Among these, the Turkish Government’s Turkiye Burslari scholarship for Pakistani students stands out as a commendable effort to support Pakistani students.

This scholarship opens doors to education’s new horizons, regardless of a student’s financial background. Upon receiving this scholarship, students enjoy financial coverage for both their educational expenses and living costs. The primary objective behind these scholarships is to promote diversity and foster a sense of empathy and brotherhood between the two nations.

What the Scholarship Covers

The benefits of this scholarship are extensive and include:

  1. House Allowance: This scholarship covers the cost of living, providing students with comfortable accommodation.
  2. Tuition Fee Waiver: The Turkish university scholarship for Pakistani students is fully funded, relieving students of the burden of tuition fees.
  3. Health Insurance: Healthcare expenses can be a significant concern for students studying abroad. Fortunately, this scholarship includes health insurance, ensuring students’ well-being.
  4. Travel Expenses: Recipients of this scholarship receive airfare support and a card for subsidized travel within Turkey.

Language Requirements for Pakistani Students

Learning the Turkish language is a mandatory component for students availing this scholarship. The following conditions apply:

  1. Students must undertake a one-year Turkish language course.
  2. Fluency in the language must be achieved up to a specified level.

How to Apply for the Turkish University Scholarship for Pakistani Students

To apply for this scholarship, Pakistani students need to prepare the following set of documents for online submission:

  • Diploma Grade
  • Average Grades
  • High School Graduation
  • University Entrance Exam Grade
  • CGPA
  • Letter of Intent
  • International Test Score
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Eligibility Rules

There are specific eligibility criteria for the Turkey scholarship program:

  • There is no age relaxation in the Turkey scholarship program.
  • For undergraduate degrees, candidates born in 1998 and onwards are eligible.
  • For Master’s degrees, candidates born in 1989 and onwards are preferred.
  • For Ph.D. scholarships, the required birthdate is January 1984.
  • Applicants over the age of 46 are eligible for the Research program.
  • Turkish citizens or individuals who have acquired Turkish citizenship are not eligible for this scholarship.

In conclusion, Turkey stands as a beacon of education, offering students from Pakistan and beyond a golden opportunity for academic excellence in a diverse and culturally rich environment. The Turkish Government’s scholarships not only ease the financial burden but also foster international goodwill and cooperation. This scholarship program serves as a bridge connecting two nations, promoting education, and nurturing future leaders.

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