Glasgow University welcomes students from all over the world who are passionate about studying the University of Glasgow Business & Management Ph.D. Programs and developing their understanding. It is well-known for its illustrious past, outstanding faculty, and active research community. It is educating students in Glasgow, Scotland. Moreover, the University boasts a compassionate and encouraging community where students may develop intellectually and psychologically.


The University of Glasgow offers a thorough and internationally acclaimed Doctor of Philosophy program in Business & Management. They give ambitious academics a once-in-a-lifetime chance to work on cutting-edge research in the ever-evolving field of business studies. This prestigious program prepares students for academic, business, and policymaking leadership positions by fostering academic excellence, critical thinking, and creative research skills.
The University of Glasgow’s Ph.D. in Business & Management program is distinguished by its dedication to interdisciplinary approaches. This enables candidates to investigate where business intersects with other academic fields like economics, sociology, and psychology. The program places equal emphasis on theoretical and applied research. It enables students to address global organizational challenges and significantly contribute to the academic community.
The University of Glasgow’s Ph.D. program is highly advantageous due to its exceptional faculty, which consists of prominent experts and scholars actively involved in cutting-edge research. Students gain from having access to a lively intellectual community, close mentoring, and teamwork. The university’s robust global network enhances doctoral candidates’ research experiences and broadens their horizons through facilitated international collaborations.

List of University of Glasgow Business & Management PhD Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Doctor of Philosophy in AccountingAccountingBusiness & ManagementPHD3September23520
Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting & FinanceAccounting & FinanceBusiness & ManagementPHD3September23520
Doctor of Philosophy in Advanced Quantitative MethodsAdvanced Quantitative MethodsBusiness & ManagementPHD3September23520
Doctor of Philosophy in Finance (Accounting & Finance)Finance (Accounting & Finance)Business & ManagementPHD3September23520
Doctor of Philosophy in ManagementManagementBusiness & ManagementPHD3September23520
Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism StudiesTourism StudiesTourism & HospitalityPHD3September23520

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