The University of Glasgow is a shining example of academic excellence. Our organization is proud of its varied community, lengthy history, and dedication to developing the next generation of leaders. The University of Glasgow offers Master by Research programs in Physical Science and Math.

University of Glasgow

These programs provide students with a unique opportunity to engage in advanced, specialized research within these disciplines. Although the specifics of each program may vary, prospective applicants can find the most recent and comprehensive information on the university’s official website. The website provides valuable insights into the admission requirements and research focus areas. Additionally, reaching out to the admissions office or the relevant department directly can provide personalized guidance and clarification. The University of Glasgow is renowned for its strong academic reputation, and these Master by Research programs are designed to foster a profound understanding of physical sciences and mathematics through rigorous research endeavors. Aspiring researchers have the chance to explore cutting-edge topics, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in these fields.

University of Glasgow Physical Science & Math Master by Research Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of MathematicsMathematicsPhysical Science & MathMasters by Research1September27930
Master of Philosophy in MathematicsMathematicsPhysical Science & MathMasters by Research2September27930
Master of Philosophy in StatisticsStatisticsPhysical Science & MathMasters by Research2September27930
Master of Research in Advanced Statistics in ResearchAdvanced StatisticsPhysical Science & MathMasters by Research1September27930
Master of Research in Urban ResearchUrban ResearchPhysical Science & MathMasters by Research1September22140
Master of StatisticsStatisticsPhysical Science & MathMasters by Research1September27930

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