University of Glasgow Tourism & Hospitality Phd Programs offers outstanding Tourism and hospitality Phd’s degrees, giving students a thorough and advanced education in these fast-paced fields. The university, well-known for its dedication to academic excellence, offers programs that address important facets of tourism and hospitality management, such as marketing, sustainable practices, and strategic planning. Students benefit from a dynamic learning environment, interacting with knowledgeable instructors and gaining real-world experience through valuable industry connections. The programs equip graduates for leadership in the rapidly changing tourism and hospitality industries, emphasizing innovation and global perspectives.


The University of Glasgow provides excellent Phd’s degrees in hospitality and tourism that combine scholarly rigour with real-world knowledge. The carefully designed courses cover vital topics like sustainable practices, ensuring a full grasp of the rapidly changing industries. Dedicated to academic excellence, the university provides students with knowledgeable faculty and valuable industry connections to uphold high academic standards. Graduates have the knowledge and abilities to succeed in the rapidly changing tourism and hospitality industries, making them right for leadership positions. Glasgow’s programs prepare students for successful careers, creating an innovative mindset and a global perspective crucial for moving challenging fields.

List of University of Glasgow Tourism & Hospitality Phd Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism StudiesTourism StudiesTourism & HospitalityPHD3September23520

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