Aberystwyth University is a well-respected university located in Aberystwyth, Wales. Established in 1872, it boasts a long history, a renowned active student body, and a dedication to academic excellence. The university provides a wide selection of undergraduate and graduate programs in the humanities, social sciences, sciences, and arts.


Aberystwyth University offers diverse postgraduate business & Management Postgraduate programs, catering to various career goals and professional needs. Aberystwyth University’s postgrad business courses foster critical thinking, analytical skills, and provide a strong foundation in fundamental business concepts. The program is designed to meet the constantly changing needs of the international business environment, giving graduates the tools they need to overcome obstacles and make valuable contributions to the workplace. With a faculty including experienced scholars and professionals from the business world, Aberystwyth University provides a supportive learning environment where students can work on current projects and real-world applications. The Business and Management postgraduate programs at the University of Wales, Education offer skills in fields such as Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship, Creating students to gain expertise in their chosen area of interest. Diverse, requesting advanced programs creating an important skills, fundamental business foundations.

List of Aberystwyth University Business & Management Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of Archives & Records ManagementArchives & Records ManagementBusiness & Managementmasters1 September,17955
Master of Business AdministrationBusiness AdministrationBusiness & Managementmasters1January,September,17680
Master of Business Administration in International MarketingInternational MarketingBusiness & Managementmasters1January,September,17680
Master of FinanceFinanceBusiness & Managementmasters1 September,17955
Master of International Business & MarketingInternational Business & MarketingBusiness & Managementmasters1 September,17955
Master of International Business ManagementInternational BusinessBusiness & Managementmasters1 September,17955
Master of International FinanceInternational FinanceBusiness & Managementmasters1 September,17955
Master of International Finance & BankingInternational Finance & BankingBusiness & Managementmasters1 September,17955
Master of Livestock ScienceLivestock ScienceBusiness & Managementmasters1 September,17955
Master of Management & FinanceManagement & FinanceBusiness & Managementmasters1 September,17955
Master of Project Management Project ManagementBusiness & Managementmasters1January,September,17680
Master of Science Digital Information & Media ManagementDigital Information & Media ManagementBusiness & Managementmasters1 September,17955

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