The Anglia Ruskin University, founded in 1858, is where a dedication to developing future leaders coexists with academic brilliance. The University offers transformative learning experiences that have evolved to meet the dynamic needs of students. Postgraduate students can expect comprehensive courses on genetics, molecular biology, ecology, and environmental science. Modern labs and research facilities provide a balanced education combining theory, practice, and skills.


Anglia Ruskin University offers a wide range of postgraduate programs in Life Sciences, providing a comprehensive and dynamic educational experience to individuals seeking advanced knowledge and expertise in this complex area. These postgraduate offerings include various disciplines, ranging from molecular biology and genetics to ecology, environmental science, and beyond. The curriculum integrates the latest advancements and methodologies, considering the institute’s commitment to staying at the front of scientific discovery. Students benefit from modern and advanced laboratories, research facilities, and a rich intellectual environment. The faculty includes completed scholars and researchers who guide students through the complexity of their chosen expertise, fostering critical thinking and establishing a passion for exploration and innovation. The University typify a commitment to excellence promoting an environment where aspiring scientists gain academic proficiency and develop the practical acumen and innovative spirit needed to make significant contributions to the rapidly advancing field of Life Sciences.

List of Anglia Ruskin University Life Sciences Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of Applied Bioscience Applied BioscienceLife Sciencesmasters1.5January,15800
Master of Applied Bioscience Applied BioscienceLife Sciencesmasters1September,15800
Master of Applied Wildlife Conservation Applied Wildlife ConservationLife Sciencesmasters1.5January,15800
Master of Applied Wildlife Conservation Applied Wildlife ConservationLife Sciencesmasters1September,15800

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