Ara Institute of Canterbury Life Sciences Programs

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Ara Institute of Canterbury provides diverse programs tailored to meet evolving industry needs and student preferences. Nestled in the vibrant city of Christchurch, New Zealand, it shines as a beacon of excellence in postsecondary education. With a rich past spanning more than a century, Ara has consistently adjusted to the evolving nature of education. They welcome innovation while maintaining a Solid dedication to academic rigor and student achievement. Ara University offers a dynamic learning environment where students can grow academically and personally. The university, with multiple campuses, features modern facilities and dedicated instructors and industry experts.

Ara Institute of Canterbury
Ara Institute of Canterbury

The Ara Institute of Canterbury provides a wide range of undergraduate degrees in the life sciences to give students the information, abilities, and real-world experience they need to succeed in various professions, including biology, environmental science, biotechnology, and health sciences. These programs are designed to suit the changing needs of both academia and industry. They give students a strong foundation in basic scientific concepts and encourage critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and practical laboratory procedures. The Ara Institute of Canterbury offers Life Sciences students a dynamic learning environment that blends theory instruction with real-world application. They can participate in projects, experiments, and fieldwork that mimic real-world situations because they can access industry-standard equipment, modern laboratories, and cutting-edge research facilities. The Life Sciences department instructors, seasoned professionals and authorities in their domains, dedicate themselves to delivering top-notch instruction and fostering a positive learning atmosphere. They commit to nurturing students’ intellectual curiosity, supporting experimentation and creativity, and providing guidance and direction at every stage.

List Life Sciences Programs

Undergraduate Programs

CampusCourse NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Madras StreetBachelor of Applied Science in Health PromotionApplied Science in Health PromotionLife Sciencesbachelors3February,25000
Madras StreetBachelor of Applied Science in Human NutritionApplied Science in Human NutritionLife Sciencesbachelors3February,25000

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