Budapest University of Technology & Economics Physical Science & Math Programs

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Budapest University of Technology and Economics, or “Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem” in Hungarian. This renowned academic institution commits to excellence and innovation, both within and outside of Hungary. Established in 1782, BME combines tradition with adaptability, meeting contemporary needs. The university offers a dynamic and exciting study, research, and collaboration environment. Budapest boasts a vibrant atmosphere and a rich cultural legacy. The institution is located in the center of Budapest. The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), a prominent institution in European higher education, offers an extensive and demanding range of programs in mathematics and physical sciences. 

Budapest University of Technology & Economics
Budapest University of Technology & Economics

Budapest University of Technology & Economics Physical Science & Math Programs, which is well-known for being a trailblazer in engineering and technology education, has also built a strong foundation in mathematics and physical sciences and offers a range of extensive undergraduate and graduate programs specifically designed to satisfy the changing needs of business and academia. Undergraduate students have access to a robust core curriculum that includes numerous fields of engineering physics, theoretical and applied physics, and a solid foundation in pure and applied mathematics. In addition to imparting fundamental knowledge, these courses aim to sharpen students’ analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Budapest University of Technology & Economics Physical Science & Math Postgraduate Programs expertise by offering master’s programs frequently combined with cutting-edge research and industrial engagement possibilities. Doctoral students can pursue research in specialist fields, including statistical modeling, advanced material sciences, quantum technologies, and computational physics. Modern labs support these programs, taught by distinguished faculty and researchers. The multidisciplinary approach guarantees that graduates have the abilities necessary for a wide range of employment in academia, industry, and other fields and the readiness to tackle challenging challenges in today’s scientific arenas. 

List of Physical Science & Math Programs

Undergraduate Programs

BudapestBachelor of Mathematics
Physical Science & Mathbachelors36400

Postgraduate Programs

BudapestMaster of Applied MathematicsApplied MathematicsPhysical Science & Mathmasters26400
BudapestMaster of Land Surveying & GeoinformaticsLand Surveying & GeoinformaticsPhysical Science & Mathmasters1.56400
BudapestMaster of MathematicsMathematicsPhysical Science & Mathmasters26400
BudapestMaster of PhysicsPhysicsPhysical Science & Mathmasters26400
BudapestMaster of Physics in Nanotechnology & Materials ScienceNanotechnology & Materials SciencePhysical Science & Mathmasters26400
BudapestMaster of Physics in Optics & PhotonicsOptics & PhotonicsPhysical Science & Mathmasters26400
BudapestMaster of Physics in Research PhysicistResearch PhysicistPhysical Science & Mathmasters26400

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