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Central Queensland University is an Australian-based higher research institution generally known as CQ University, located in the heart of Queensland. The only institution in Australia that has campuses in every state on the mainland is CQU. University in Australia is the region’s biggest university. The University of Australia provides an excellent selection of higher education, research, and vocational courses throughout our 20+ locations nationwide, giving students from Australia and more than 85 other nations a wide range of options. Many of the university’s courses incorporate hands-on, operational learning experiences, including lab and field work, construction learning, and work placements, since they were developed in conjunction with industry. It has received five ratings for economic growth, social equity, student development, starting salary, and first-generation student ratio, putting it in the top 20% of Australian universities in these categories as a result of its dedication to ensuring that everyone has access to real-world information and expertise.

The University ranking is excellent as it comes under the top 650 universities in the world. Whereas, the University of Australia’s ranking is 36. Also, the University world ranking, often known as the Central Queensland University QS ranking, is 651–700.

University scholarships for international students are available for both national and international students. Information about, University Tuition fees, University postgraduate courses, University free courses, and online courses are present in the Library is another big facility.

University Campuses


Mackay campuses



Noosa campus

Emerald campus

Adelaide Campus


Central Queensland University in Sydney

Central Queensland University in Melbourne

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Visa Fee

638.82 AUD

Funds/ bank statement requirements

1-year tuition fees + 1-year living expense (21041 AUD) + OSHC = Bank Statement

Living Cost

21041 AUD / Year


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