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McMaster University is a public higher-secondary education research institution in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The primary McMaster campus is on 121 hectares of property close to the Westdale and Ainslie Wood residential areas and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Its teaching, research, and scholarly endeavors dedicates to discovery and learning. Approximately 23000 students are studying in this institution. William McMaster is the name-bearer, a well-known Canadian senator and financier who left a C$900,000 bequest to the university’s establishment. It came into being in 1887 by the merger of the Toronto Baptist College and Woodstock College in accordance with an act of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. In 1890, Toronto saw its debut. It relocated in 1930 because of inadequate facilities and a grant of land in Hamilton. The university was under the administration of the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec until 1957 when it became a corporation privately and began receiving public funding. More than 27,000 undergraduate and more than 4,000 graduate students attend McMaster University. Its alumni and former students live in 139 countries and around Canada.

McMaster University ranking

McMaster is among the best Canadian universities. 152nd is the McMaster University QS ranking in the year 2023. According to the World University Rankings 2023, it ranks 85. In addition, 37th is the Impact Ranking and 151-175th is the World Reputation Ranking of this institution in 2022. Moreover, the institution holds the #138th position in Best Global Universities. Additionally, it ranks 92nd in the world and 4th is the McMaster University ranking in Canada. Furthermore, McMaster consistently ranks in the top 100 since 2003. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023 places it #85 in the world, #4 in Canada, and #25 in the world in Clinical and Health. Besides that, the university admits students with a 58.7% acceptance rate.

McMaster University Programs

The University is offering many popular degrees including Civil Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Transportation Engineering, Statistics, and Nursing. The Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy, the McMaster eBusiness Research Centre, and the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis are just a few of the university’s more than 60 research centers and institutes. Additionally, the institution has a nuclear reactor that it uses for research. Moreover, the mixed model for its MBA program includes online classes and weekend residences. Also, the Part-Time MBA with Blended Learning offers a balance education for working professionals. In addition, it provides many valuable scholarships. Besides that, check our website for McMaster University fees for international students.

McMaster University courses

  1. Computer Science
  2. MBA
  3. Engineering
  4. Health Sciences
  5. Nursing
  6. Psychology
  7. Physiotherapy
  8. Business
  9. Business Analytics
  10. Biomedical Engineering
  11. Economics
  12. Health Sciences

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Visa Fee

150C$ Visa Fee + Bio Metric 85$ = 235 C$

Funds/ bank statement requirements

10,000 C$ GIC on SDS Stream OR 4-6 Million last four months Bank Statement

Living Cost

700C$ - 1000C$ per month / 8400C$ - 12000C$ Per anum


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