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Masters in Canada


Masters in Canada

Education Standard in Canada

Canada is the home of more than 96+ universities including the top universities like the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo, McGill University, & the University of British Colombia. In addition, As of 2017 nearly 8% of the Canadian population which is about 2.96 million people are perusing a post-graduation degree as opposed to just 5.4% in 2007 as far as international students go the figures are more than double from 87,798 in 2008 to a whopping 1,89,573 in 2019/20.

However, Overall Canadian institutions educated around 1.7 million students annually & performed 40% of Canada’s research & development. Besides this, the total turnover of 35 billion dollars generates economic wealth in communities across Canada.

some of the most popular & requested courses field in Canada include computer science, civil engineering & construction, public health, finance, human resource management, mechanical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, electrical engineering, psychology, and chemical engineering with a significant percentage of incoming international students apply for courses in STEM that is (science technology engineering & mathematics).

Masters In Canada

Besides, Let’s take a look top 10 Canadian universities along with the global ranking by Qs university ranking. As we can see three Canadian universities make it to the global 50.

University World Ranking Table

QS World University Rankings
Canada RankGlobal RankUniversity Name
129 University of Toronto
235McGill University
351University of British Columbia
4113University of Alberta
5137Université de Montréal
6140McMaster University  
7173University of Waterloo 
8211Western University
233University of Calgary 
10239Queen’s University

Masters in Canada

UOT, McGill uni, & UBC. The University of Toronto also ranked 18th in the world for its academic reputation while McGill both has the best scope of its percentage of international students from over 160 countries meanwhile UBC located in Vancouver is hosted 8 Nobel prize winners and 71 Rhodes scholars.

Admission Intakes in Canada

Canada has two admission intakes Fall & Spring for the fall intake classes starting in September and for spring intake from January.

September is the month of the major month where the majority of programs are available. However, January is also available because it contains a smaller number of programs available.

It is highly recommended that students get started on their applications and finalize universities for the fall intake by august & September of the previous year.

Application Timeline in Canada

Now let’s look at the ideal application timeline you should follow from fall intake August to September finish shortlisting 6 to 8 universities you are interested in based on independent research and interaction with your seniors which means September and November start taking the exam required for admissions such as GRE, GMAT, TOFEL, IELTS.

Canadian Universities Application Deadline

Furthermore, This will give you sufficient time to retake the exam if needed. November to December take knowledge of the application deadline which is usually around Dec to Feb so you need to prepare the application package including the transcript, test score, SOP & Letter of recommendation, and ensure you made it well before the deadlines.

Canadian Universities Response Time

Moreover, Between March to May is the period you will hear back from universities on your application decision. Moreover, Once accepted you will be given a deadline within which you have to confirm your place and make an admission deposit.

Between March to June prepare a bank statement and apply for your visas

Canadian Visa Decision Time

Furthermore, Do note that the processing time for Canadian student visas for Pakistani students is roughly 8 or more weeks on NON-SDS. if you apply through SDS then it will take 15 days or more.

Study in Canada as an international student –

Admission Requirements in Canadian Universities

Some universities in Canada require a GRE Moreover, many of them prefer to have a GRE score on their profile. the admin decisions are based on your CGPA, SOP & your score in TOEFL & IELTS. A TOFE IBT score of 100 and above is usually preferred if you are taking an IELTS then a band score of 6.5 & above could be preferred too with an induvial band score no less than 6.0 in each section.

Admission Documents Required in Canadian Universities

  1. SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  2. Letter of Recommendations
  3. Research Proposal
  4. Work Experience

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

In addition, Here are some more requirements that you need to look into. Furthermore, The SOP is probably one of the most crucial aspects of your application because it’s a snapshot of your goals, achievements & aspirations most university departments set their own word limit. Furthermore, it’s usually no more than 500 words.

Letter of Recommendation

Furthermore, A letter of Recommendation is an assessment of your protentional and your dedication to your discipline as a minimum you will be required to furnish at least two letters.

Research Portfolio

Moreover, For a research fellowship as a fresh undergraduate is generally expected to have a lot of research experience but if you do then make sure you mentioned that in your SOP. However, Research is typically uncommon at the undergraduate level so having that would actually help you to stand out among your similar credentials.

Work Experience

However, Work experience is not a mandatory requirement, but if you have work experience that’s definitely going to bolster your admissions chances.

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