Beykent University

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About University

A foundational university with 29,401 students, Beykent University, is located in Istanbul, Turkey. It offers instruction in English, Russian, and Turkish. It is also known as “Beykent Üniversitesi” in Turkish. Beykent has connections with European institutions through the Socrates and Erasmus programs, allowing Turkish students to study abroad and allowing university students to continue their education in a European institution. Turkey’s Istanbul is home to three campuses of this university. A deal between the university’s founder, industrialist Adem Elik, and John Moores University, Liverpool, gave rise to the institution in 1995. Several years later, Beykent transformed into an independent, non-profit university that today enrolls up to 30,000 students and employs over 600 academics.

Beykent University ranking

Beykent University ranks well across 16 research areas, placing it at 59 in Turkey and 3406 globally. Moreover, it holds the 1105th position out of 5,830 in Asia. In addition, it comes at 59th position out of the 175 universities in Turkey. Furthermore, in Istanbul, this university ranks 15 out of 52 universities. Besides that, the university accepts students from different countries with a reasonable acceptance rate.

University Programs

Eight faculty make up the university: law, economics, the fine arts, communication, engineering, and architecture, and the faculties of medicine and dentistry. Also, there are a lot of academic and vocational institutions as well. In addition, the institution provides education on four superbly equipped campuses. It offers 72 Associate Degree Programmes, 69 Undergraduate Programmes, and over 50 Postgraduate Programmes, providing an incomparable learning experience. Moreover, there are ten faculties, four colleges for higher education, two institutes, three research centers, the continuing education and career center, and a center for distance learning. With its hostels, which are close to the campuses, the university provides high-level lodging. Additional information about Beykent University fees is available on our website.


Fine Arts


Beylikdüzü Campus
Ayazağa-Maslak Campus
Taksim Campus

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Extra Information

Visa Fee

1506.32₺ (turkish Lira)

Medical appointment details


Funds/ bank statement requirements

171173.07 ₺ (Average)

Living Cost

300 Euro (Average)


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