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As a leader in innovation and quality in business education. CBS International Business School provides many programs to help students succeed in the global economy. With campuses spread across several energetic European cities, such as Cologne, Mainz, and Potsdam. CBS offers a dynamic learning environment enhanced by its linkages to the industry and global viewpoint. CBS’s undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs cover subjects such as business administration, management, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. The university dedicates itself to promoting a culture of academic rigor, practical relevance, and ethical leadership. With cutting-edge instructional strategies, practical assignments, and opportunities for experiential learning. CBS equips students with the information, abilities, and mindset required to succeed in today’s cutthroat business environment. The dynamic and comprehensive approach to educating students for careers in the dynamic and diverse tourist and hotel business is offered by the tourism and hospitality programs at CBS International Business School.

CBS International Business School
CBS International Business School

The tourism and hospitality programs at CBS International Business School provide a dynamic and all-encompassing approach to preparing students for careers in the dynamic and diverse tourism and hotel industry. These programs include a wide range of topics, including tourist management, hospitality operations, event planning, and sustainable tourism practices. They emphasize both theoretical knowledge and practical abilities. Students learn essential lessons about recent developments, cutting-edge technologies, and industry best practices through creative coursework, practical projects, and industry partnerships. Students are prepared to succeed in a variety of professions within the business, such as hotel management, tourism marketing, event coordinating, and destination management, thanks to access to cutting-edge facilities and knowledgeable faculty supervision. Whether one’s career goals are to work for exclusive resorts, global hotel chains, travel agencies, or

List of Tourism & Hospitality Programs

Undergraduate Programs

CologneBachelor of International Tourism ManagementInternational Tourism ManagementTourism & Hospitalitybachelors314580January,August,rolling_admissions
MainzBachelor of International Tourism ManagementInternational Tourism ManagementTourism & Hospitalitybachelors314580August,rolling_admissions

Postgraduate Programs

Cologne Master of Tourism & Sustainable ManagementTourism & Sustainable ManagementTourism & Hospitalitymasters215840January,August,rolling_admissions

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