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The Concordia University of Edmonton is an independent academic school in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, receiving public funding. The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod established Concordia College in 1921, later Concordia University of Edmonton, to educate young men for roles in the Christian church as preachers and teachers. Concordia University is well-known worldwide and ranked 5090th worldwide and 77th in the nation by UniRank. In the Q.S. World University Rankings 2024, it is placed #=387.

Various prizes are available from the Concordia University of Edmonton to honor and support graduate and undergraduate students. Graduate students from other countries may apply for financial aid to the Concordia Bursary Programme. You can also qualify for scholarships that are particular to a specific program.

Concordia University of Edmonton

University Entrance Scholarship

Category        High School

Value  Variable

Deadlines        April 1 – for September start date

August 1 – for the January start date

Students with a minimum award average of 75% are eligible for guaranteed renewable scholarships through the University Entrance Scholarship program. The value of scholarships varies based on the applicant’s average award.

Award Average              Scholarship Value                                 Value over 4 years

95% or higher                        $5,000                                                $20,000

90% – 94.9%                          $3,750                                                 $15,000

85% – 89.9%                          $2,000                                                  $8,000

80% – 84.9%                          $1,500                                                  $6,000

75% – 79.9%                            $1,000                                                  $4,000

To be considered for University Entrance Scholarships, candidates need to be:

  1. Straight out of high school and into their first year of postsecondary education. Candidates who have taken time off between high school and postsecondary education will also be taken into consideration by Concordia.
  2.  Accomplished credits at the university level during high school.
  3. Completed a postsecondary education program at a recognized university with nine or fewer transfer credits (such as bible school). Those who enrolled in postsecondary school after Graduation are ineligible.
  4. Enrolled in a science, management, or arts degree program.
  5. Enrolled in at least 80% of the required twelve credits of coursework each semester. Scholarship recipients who fail to register at least 80% of the time will forfeit their award right away.

How to apply:

No additional application is necessary. Through the admissions process, Concordia selects qualified applicants by reviewing applications for admission and final (interim) high school transcripts submitted by the relevant deadline. Eligible scholarship recipients receive a final offer notification letter for the scholarship.

 Concordia Bursary Program

After enrolling at Concordia University of Edmonton, international undergraduate students can apply for bursaries based on their financial needs. Financial necessity may occur despite the expectation that overseas students have the money to pay for their tuition, living expenses, and transportation before traveling to Canada to study.

To be qualified to apply:

  1. Graduate and undergraduate programs are where candidates must enroll. Only enrollment in programs resulting in degrees is accepted. Programs offering certificates, diplomas, and open studies for visiting students are not valid options.
  2. Applicants are required to enroll full-time, with a minimum of a full course load.
  3. At the time of application, as specified by their program of study, applicants must have attained satisfactory academic standing on their most recent full-time coursework. Spring and summer courses are not available to undergraduate students.
  4. The Concordia University of Edmonton Emergency Loan is a student loan for which the applicant cannot have previously filed for bankruptcy or defaulted.
  5. Both domestic and international students may apply.
  6. Candidates must show that they have a modest standard of living and financial necessity.

How to apply:

Applicants must use their Web Sign-In to connect to Online Services for Students and complete the online application form to be considered for a bursary. They must meet the deadline for applying. Applicants must connect to Online Services for Students using their Web Sign-In and complete the online application form to be considered for a bursary. They must meet the deadline for applying.

Deadline: Fall Term: October 15th Winter Term: February 1st

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