Coventry University Architecture Undergraduate Programs

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The Coventry University undergraduate architecture programs department has a rich and long history, founded in 1843. These Institute is located in the vibrant city of Coventry, United Kingdom. The undergraduate architecture programs reflect the institution’s commitment to nurturing innovative and imaginative minds in design and built environments. The Bachlor of Architecture course provides a comprehensive understanding of the subject by exploring contemporary concepts in sustainable design, urban planning, and architectural philosophy.The program provides practical experience in architecture through design projects and industry partnerships.

Coventry University

Coventry University offers undergraduate programs that provide a thorough and innovative approach to training future architects and design professionals. The program emphasizes studio-based learning, allowing students to participate in practical design projects that develop their creativity, problem-solving skills, and understanding of space. Students can choose from specializations within the program, such as Architectural Technology or Architectural Design, to tailor their education to their interests. Architectural theory and history courses at Coventry University provide a comprehensive understanding of architectural practice. The education emphasizes sustainable design principles, with a focus on green building techniques and contemporary environmental issues. Digital design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) are essential elements of the industry, reflecting its reliance on technology. Proficiency in digital tools enables students to confidently use design, modeling, and simulation software

List of Coventry University Architecture Undergraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Bachelor of Architectural Technology (Hons)Architectural TechnologyArchitecturebachelors3September,19850
Bachelor of Architectural Technology with Sandwich Year (Hons)Architectural TechnologyArchitecturebachelors4September,19850
Bachelor of Architecture (Hons)ArchitectureArchitecturebachelors3September,19850
Bachelor of Architecture with Sandwich Year (Hons)ArchitectureArchitecturebachelors4September,19850
Bachelor of Interior Architecture & Design (Hons)Interior Architecture & DesignArchitecturebachelors3September,19850
Bachelor of Interior Architecture & Design with Placement Year (Hons)Interior Architecture & DesignArchitecturebachelors4September,19850
Bachelor of Architectural Engineering (Hons)Architectural EngineeringArchitecturebachelors3September,19850
Bachelor of Architectural Engineering with Sandwich Year (Hons)Architectural EngineeringArchitecturebachelors4September,19850

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