The Coventry University Physical Science & Math Postgraduate Programs department has a rich and long history, founded in 1843. These Institute is located in the vibrant city of Coventry, United Kingdom. The Postgraduate programs in physical science and mathematics at Coventry University provide a dynamic and intellectually exciting atmosphere for learning that aims to deepen students understanding of the basic concepts that explain the beauty of mathematical structures and the physical world. These programs, grounded on a solid academic foundation, give students a thorough exploration of essential physics, chemistry, and mathematics ideas while providing a unique combination of theoretical understanding and practical use.

Coventry University

The Coventry University Postgraduate Programs are prime examples of its dedication to promoting high-level learning, innovative research, and academic excellence. The Postgraduate programs in biological science thoroughly explore particular fields within physics, chemistry, and the science of materials. These programs, intended for people who strongly desire to advance scientific knowledge, combine demanding theoretical education with practical research experiences. Postgraduate students work with outstanding faculty members, undertake complex projects, and advance scientific research. Learn better with seminars, workshops, and industry partnerships for the latest advancements in the subject. Postgraduate students have access to modern labs and research facilities to promote an intellectually engaging atmosphere.

List of Coventry University Physical Science & Math Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of Disaster Management & ResilienceDisaster Management & ResiliencePhysical Science & Mathmasters1January,May,September,18600
Master of Renewable Energy ManagementRenewable Energy ManagementPhysical Science & Mathmasters1January,September,18600
Master of Renewable Energy Management with Placement YearRenewable Energy ManagementPhysical Science & Mathmasters2January,September,22600
Master of Sustainability & Environmental ManagementSustainability & Environmental ManagementPhysical Science & Mathmasters1January,May,September,18600
Master of Agroecology, Water & Food SovereigntyAgroecology, Water & Food SovereigntyPhysical Science & Mathmasters1September,18600
Master of Agroecology, Water & Food Sovereignty with Placement YearAgroecology, Water & Food SovereigntyPhysical Science & Mathmasters2September,22600

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