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Curtin University, earlier referred to as Curtin University of Technology and Western Australian Institute of Technology, is an Australian public research university providing education in Bentley, Perth, Western Australia. It is a popular study location, notable for its strong industry contacts, high-impact research, and diverse creative courses.

It is one of the world’s most international institutions, ranking ninth nationally in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The university is famous for creating career-ready graduates who aim to make the future better. The courses have a practical focus to provide you with significant real-world experience and boost your employability after graduation.

Curtin University scholarships for undergraduate

Global Curtin Scholarships – Merit Scholarship

Curtin University Australia

About this scholarship:

Curtin University seeks to provide high-achieving students from all over the world with the chance to pursue their dreams while receiving a world-class educational experience. It’s Merit Scholarship recognizes qualifying overseas students. This scholarship category gives qualifying students 25% off their first year of tuition.

Student typeFuture Students
Course typeUndergraduate  
CitizenshipInternational Student  
Scholarship baseThis scholarship provides eligible students 25% off their first-year tuition fee, up to a maximum of 200 credit points only
ValueThis scholarship offers qualifying students 25% off their first year tuition fees, up to a maximum of 200 credit points.
Applications open: Applications close1/04/2023 15/10/2024

Application process

There is no requirement for a separate scholarship application.

Global Curtin Scholarships – Australian Year 12 Scholarship


Curtin University recognizes that there is an increasing number of overseas students studying for an Australian high school diploma. This scholarship has the objective to aid international students who successfully finish an Australian high school certificate, either in Australia or overseas.

Course typeUndergraduate
CitizenshipInternational Student
Scholarship baseMerit Based
ValueThis scholarship saves qualifying students 25% on their first-year tuition, up to a maximum of 200 credits.
Applications open1/04/2023
Applications close15/10/2024


  1. Faculty of Business and Law
  2. Faculty of Health Sciences
  3. Faculty of Humanities
  4. Faculty of Science & Engineering
  5. Science courses
  6. Engineering courses
  7. Western Australian School of Mines (WASM)

Scholarship Details

Eligible courses

All undergraduate degrees are open to overseas students (except the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).

Eligibility criteria

  1. International, full-fee-paying, non-sponsored students of any country (except Australia).
  2. Students will begin studies at Curtin’s Western Australia campuses in 2024.
  3. Students attending a full Curtin undergraduate program (excluding Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).

Please note that this scholarship:

  1. Covers up to 25% of the first-year tuition charge, with a maximum of 200 credit points available.
  2. It will not cover any student expenditure other than the tuition fees.
  3. Will be credited to the recipient’s fee account by the census date.
  4. Scholarship money credited cannot be retrieved or reimbursed in cash.
  5. Can be withdrawn if the recipient does not accept their letter of offer or enroll in their course by the stipulated deadline.
  6. Can be revoked at Curtin’s discretion if the finalist already holds a scholarship or support.
  7. Is not intended for students who have received CRL (Credit for Recognised Learning) for any portion of their study.
  8. If a beneficiary defers their studies beyond the start date of 2024, they will be unable to keep them.
  9. Can’t be transferred to a Curtin campus or partner outside Western Australia, or another institution.
  10. Will not be extended beyond the required length or amount until instructed differently by Curtin.

To accept this scholarship offer, you must pay the entire deposit amount.

Application process

There is no requirement for a separate scholarship application.

Science & Engineering Undergraduate International Merit Extension Scholarship


The Faculty of Science and Engineering has the pleasure of presenting Science and Engineering international undergraduate students beginning their first year of study between 2019 and 2023 with the opportunity to be on the consideration list for the Science and Engineering International Undergraduate Merit Extension scholarship. This is a continuous merit-based scholarship that will cover the remainder of their undergraduate degree program.
The Science and Engineering International Merit Extension Scholarship intends to recognize high-achieving students of various nationalities.

Course typeUndergraduate  
CitizenshipInternational Student  
Scholarship baseMerit-Based  
ValueThe Science & Engineering Undergraduate International Merit Extension Scholarship will cover 25% of the recipient’s annual tuition fees for the rest of their degree program.
Applications open1/01/2019
Applications close31/12/2023


  1. Faculty of Science & Engineering
    1. Science courses
    1. Engineering courses
    1. Western Australian School of Mines (WASM)

Eligible courses

All undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Science and Engineering are open to international students.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for an International Merit Scholarship in Science and Engineering, applicants must fulfill ALL of the following criteria:

  1. Get the Curtin Innovative Merit Scholarship for the academic year 2019–2023. Note, approval must be provided by the Dean International for students enrolling through the Curtin International Innovative International Scholarships Australian Year 12, before consideration.
  2. Must have commenced a full undergraduate degree in Semester 1 or 2, 2019 – 2023 at Curtin University, Western Australia
  3. Must be international, full fee-paying students
  4. Must have met Curtin University’s academic and English language entrance criteria.
  5. Cannot study at Curtin through a sponsoring entity.
  6. Must not have obtained any credit for recognized learning (CRL).
  7. CWA of 80 or above

Application process

This scholarship does not need an application; nonetheless, please review the following details about the assessment and granting process:

  1. Students who were in receipt of the 2019-2023 Curtin Innovative Merit Scholarship will be automatically on the assessment list for eligibility by the Faculty of Science & Engineering and will get advice accordingly on their success or otherwise
  2. The requirement for Students is to adhere to the terms and conditions surrounding their scholarship
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