Edge Hill University Education Postgraduate Programs

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Situated in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England, Edge Hill University is a forward-thinking, energetic establishment that provides a life-changing learning environment. Founded as Edge Hill College in 1885, it attained university status in 2006. It has since developed into a superior learning center renowned for its superior instruction, research, and student assistance. Edge Hill University has established a reputation for growing a dynamic learning community that prioritizes diversity, creativity. Academic excellence while strongly emphasizing inclusivity. University’s reputation as a leading, innovative player in UK’s higher education scene results from its dedication to providing top-notch programs. Conducting innovative research, and putting students on the path to successful and satisfying professions. Designed for educators and other professionals aiming to advance in the dynamic field of education, Edge Hill University’s postgraduate education programs actively foster growth and career progression.


Special education needs and disabilities (SEND), post-compulsory education, and educational leadership are just a few of the specializations covered by these programs. With a foundation in innovative teaching methods and a focus on current research, Edge Hill’s postgraduate program gives students advanced knowledge, critical thinking abilities, and valuable perspectives on today’s educational issues. The curricula strongly emphasize practical experience, research-informed instruction, and interaction with authentic learning environments. Postgraduate students at Edge Hill University thrive in a nurturing and intellectually stimulating atmosphere thanks to the committed faculty of seasoned educators and researchers. Graduates leave with the knowledge and self-assurance to promote constructive change in

List of Edge Hill University Education Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of Education in Children &Young People's Mental HealthEducation in Children &Young People's Mental HealthEducationmasters1September,13750
Master of Education in Early YearsEducation in Early YearsEducationmasters1September,13750
Master of Education in LeadershipEducation in LeadershipEducationmasters1September,13750
Master of Education in Special Educational NeedsEducation in Special Educational NeedsEducationmasters1September,13750
Master of Tesol in Teaching English To Speakers of Other LanguagesTeaching English To Speakers of Other Languages (Tesol)Education masters1September,13750
Master of Education EducationEducationmasters1September,13750
Master of Education in (Cognitive Science & Learning) Education (Cognitive Science & Learning)Educationmasters1September,13750
Master of Education in (Curriculum Design) Education (Curriculum Design)Educationmasters1September,13750
Master of Education in (Evidence Informed Practice) Education (Evidence Informed Practice)Educationmasters1September,13750
Master of Education in (Teacher Education) Education (Teacher Education)Educationmasters1September,13750

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