Foundation Program in the UK

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Foundation Program in the UK


What is Foundation Program?

A foundation program is a study course to fill the gap between your current level of qualification and the level required for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at an international university.
Foundation degrees, also known as preparation course programs, complement any knowledge or qualification that you might still be lacking after finishing high school.

Foundation Program in the UK

Applicants who want to enter British universities, can choose or might be the only option for entering the UK universities. The Foundation course in the UK is provided by a number of public colleges and institutes of higher education in the country.

Successful completion of the preparatory course at the university increases the chances of admission to the chosen university significantly (in some universities it is a 100% admission guarantee). The standard curriculum spans over 1 academic year or 3 semesters (usually the admission starts in September or in January).

The duration of the foundation program can vary depending upon your grades. In the UK foundation can be of 3 different types.

  1. Accelerated (6 Months)
  2. Standard (9 Months)
  3. Extended (14 Months)

IELTS Requirements

Applicants who do not know English well (IELTS points from 4.0) can apply for an extended version of the Foundation Programme lasting 4 semesters. Those who know the language at a sufficient level can try their hand at doing a condensed course, the study duration is 2 semesters.

Entry Requirements

Intermediate, O levels, or low grades in A levels, 2 passes in A Levels.

Benefits of Foundation Course

  1. Academic classes combined with the English language
  2. Specialize in your chosen field
  3. Get used to university-style teaching
  4. A guaranteed university place

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