Fresenius University of Applied Sciences Social & Behavioural Science Programs

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As a beam of academic brilliance, Fresenius, The University of Applied Sciences. Offers an extensive array of programs that aim to equip students for success in their chosen sectors. Fresenius University gives students invaluable real-world experience through a dedication to practical, hands-on learning and close engagement with business partners. The institution in Germany encourages critical thinking, creativity, and innovation in its academic programs. Modern facilities, an engaging curriculum, and knowledgeable staff members enable Fresenius University students to succeed academically and professionally. Fresenius University of Applied Sciences trains graduates to address future challenges and positively impact their communities. Whether they pursue careers in the arts, sciences, business, or healthcare. In order to understand societal dynamics, cultural phenomena, and human behaviour, Fresenius University of Applied Sciences provides a broad range of social and behavioural science programs.

Fresenius University of Applied Sciences
Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

Fresenius University of Applied Sciences offers innovative and industry-relevant tourist & Hospitality Programmes to prepare students for exciting professions in the booming tourist and hospitality sectors. These programs cover various subjects, such as event planning, hotel management, tourism marketing, and sustainable tourism development. Students thoroughly understand the business’s complexities and difficulties through classroom instruction and hands-on learning experiences. Students gain invaluable practical experience and develop critical customer service, management, and business operations competencies by possessing state-of-the-art tools and chances for industrial placements, internships, and hands-on learning. The knowledgeable faculty members at the institution, who are academics and professionals in the field, offer students mentorship and advice to ensure they are ready for success in the workplace. Whether seeking employment at opulent resorts, event

List of Social & Behavioural Science Programs

Undergraduate Programs

HeidelbergBachelor of International BusinessHuman Resources Management & PsychologySocial & Behavioural Sciencebachelors38700March,September,December,April,
HeidelbergBachelor of International Business In PsychologyPsychologySocial & Behavioural Sciencebachelors39000March,September,tbc,tbc

Postgraduate Programs

WiesbadenMaster of International Health Economics & PharmacoeconomicsInternational Health Economics & PharmacoeconomicsSocial & Behavioural Sciencemasters210560September,rolling_admissions

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